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Issues, Schmissues

Tami's mom explains in an interview that she and Tami were homeless at one point. And, because Bunim/Murray can't do anything subtly, this next section consists of a Tami voice-over, Metallica's "Enter Sandman," and lots of shots of homeless people and dark alleys and dumpsters. What a sensitive take on the topic. Tami explains that her mother lost her job during the beginning of the recession, when Tami was a senior in high school, and they were forced to live in their car for a while, bathing in gas stations, and barely eating. Tami muses that having nothing makes you strive to get achieve everything you ever wanted, and that homelessness has made her driven and determined. Tami's mom explains that Tami's intelligence and desire to succeed makes her (Tami's poor nameless mother) that much prouder of Tami. Tami smiles, and says that her mother never gave up, that she worked hard, got another job, and pulled them out of homelessness. Go, Tami's mom!

Tami mentions in a voice-over that her mother has accepted her choice to have an abortion. Tami's not looking forward to the procedure.

Aaron takes Erin to the airport. In an interview, he says that he used to think abortion ought to be illegal, but he now realizes that that isn't realistic. He says that it's all about being responsible for your actions.

So, Tami's mother takes Tami to the abortion clinic. Tami voice overs that she just wanted to get the procedure over with, and go back home. Even in the voice-over, her voice gets a little emotional. At the clinic, Tami informs the nurse that she's paying in cash, looking very solemn. She fills out a bunch of forms, and eventually, the nurse calls her into the back of the office and asks her a bunch of medical history-type questions, including one about Tami's diabetes (which we didn't even know about until this point). Tami looks solemn. Her mother looks solemn. The nurse is perky, which seems inappropriate, and has hair hanging all the way down her back. I sure hope she isn't involved in the procedure, because that seems really unhygienic.

Tami's mother says that she and Tami discussed Tami's keeping the baby, but Tami explained that she was neither emotionally nor financially prepared to be a mother. I wonder whether they talked about adoption, because it isn't mentioned. Tami's mom says that, after much discussion, she realized she had to support Tami's choice. She sighs.

Tami's mom waits outside the clinic, smoking a cigarette. After a moment, the perky nurse shows Tami, who looks drained and pale and in pain, out of the clinic. Tami embraces her mother. Tami's mom asks Tami if she's okay, and Tami shakes her head. "Sick," she says quietly. Tami voice-overs that after the abortion, she was in pain, and tired, and just wanted to go home. On the way to the car, Tami has to take a moment to sit down and rest. Her mother asks if she wants "to be carried." Tami grins weakly, and shakes her head.

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