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Issues, Schmissues

In an interview, Tami, looking just gorgeous, explains that "marriage is ideally not for [her]." Huh? That doesn't make sense. I don't mean it doesn't make sense that she doesn't want to get married. Lots of people never want to get married. I mean, that sentence, literally, did not make sense. God, none of these people can string six words together.

In another, totally separate interview, in which Tami wears only one really, really, REALLY big earring, she explains that she and her mother "grew up together," and that her mother gave birth to her when she was 15 1/2. When Tami's mother was 15 1/2, that is. Tami didn't spring full-grown from her mother's womb. Oh, you get it. Talk about not being able to string six words together. I think this show is killing my brain cells. This show, and all the drugs. Oops, did I say that? Just kidding, Mom! Tami explains that her mother is her confidante.

Tami's mother, her aunt, and her nephew pay Tami a visit. Tami's mom is really cute (in a sassy vest and rakish cap kind of way, not in a "whoa, Tami, your mom is totally hot" kind of way). Tami explains her mother was "not happy" about her unplanned pregnancy. How strange! Most mothers are stoked when their daughters get knocked up! ["You'd think she'd be a bit more understanding because...see above." -- Wing Chun]

Tami's mom, who apparently has no name, puts it more bluntly. "I was really pissed off," she says. She explains that she was especially upset with Tami because Tami works at an AIDS clinic, and is surrounded by safe-sex messages and condoms every single damn day. We see a shot of a poster at the clinic that reads "Hot, Healthy and Horny: Rubbers Every Time!" I think my freshman-year roommate, Delilah, had that poster on her wall. Delilah was odd. I think I mentioned her in an earlier recap; she was obsessed with Billy Ray Cyrus and Fabio? Yeah, that was an interesting year. I spent a lot of time in other people's rooms. Crying.

Tami explains that she "should know" all the benefits of safe sex. This entire story line reminds me so much of high school. Remember 1993? People were really aware, I think, of the dangers of AIDS and there was so much noise about using condoms every single time you had sex. Like, my high school's nurse (and "Human Development" teacher) brought a dental dam to school. A dental dam! She opened it up and stuck it over her mouth to demonstrate and everything. Then she asked us girls to feel our pelvic bones. Yeah, she was a little odd, in retrospect. I wonder if all that safe sex stuff gets hammered into kids' heads as much today as it did back when I was a youth. Back in the freaking dark ages. I can't believe how old I am sometimes. Anyway, it's good advice. Hey, kids! Use a condom. Seriously! Okay, that was PSA # what? Number three. I'm really pedantic sometimes. I swear I'm letting you off easy today.

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