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Issues, Schmissues

Phew. Commercial. This is so heavy. It reminds me of last year, when I was recapping Judging Amy and all the episodes were about, like, female circumcision and child abuse. A laugh riot, I tell ya. ["Ha! 'Last year.' It was like four months ago. It feels like last year, though, doesn't it?" -- Wing Chun]

Tami's at work, and today she has a little helper! It's Aaron. This must be Bring Your Conservative Surfer Roommate to Work Day. She hands him some busy work and explains that Aaron is taking an "AIDS awareness class at school" and he came to the center to do some volunteer work. Oh, I know all about this! I know! I know! Aaron must be taking the infamous Bio 40 (AIDS and Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases), which I also took while at UCLA. It's the most popular class on campus, and very hard to get into. Like, when I was a student, they held it in the ballroom, and people used to bring lawn chairs and sit in the aisles. The class was once considered an "easy A," but was (damn it) beefed up while I was a student. It was a very interesting class, all about, as one could infer from the name, the biology of AIDS. The professor, Dr. Bowman, was this crazy old guy, incredibly sardonic, who used to wear shorts held up with bright red suspenders, and who carried a huge stick all the time. He was strangely attractive to me, and several of my female classmates, in spite of the massive beer gut, because he was really sarcastic, and funny, and he talked about booze all the time, and you could tell he used to be hot. Also, he had that large phallic symbol he carried everywhere. Or maybe we were just weird. In order to pass the class, in addition to a mid-term and a final, every student needed to put in something like eight hours volunteering at an AIDS-related charity. I volunteered at Project Angelfood, which delivers meals to shut-in AIDS patients. It was a little scary at first, but very enlightening, and ultimately rewarding. PSA #4: volunteering is good! Tami hands Aaron a stapler.

In an interview, Aaron says that he personally believes that abortion is killing a life, but that it's not his right to judge what Tami is doing. He says that he knows the decision was hard for her, and that was her decision and he supports that.

And suddenly, we're at the airport, where Aaron and Jon pick up Erin, a thin brunette whom Aaron identifies as his "friend from San Francisco," but who I suspect is, as they say on Buffy, his "orgasm friend." Aaron grins and tells us that Erin is really cool. Aaron and Erin. Isn't that precious? ["When I was in grade 9 my best friend Jodi was dating a boy named Jody. It was precious, too." -- Wing Chun]

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