Real World
It Ain't Easy, But It Sure Is Big

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It Ain't Easy, But It Sure Is Big

This season on the Real World, Melissa says everyone wants to hook up with everybody. Melissa strips. The group has to put on a cable-access television show. Julie tells David that television is the only exposure she's had to "the colored race." Julie cries some more. Julie's father comes to visit and yells at her. Melissa gets mad and throw a chair while yelling, "Time the fuck out!" They do some daring things, like bungee jump, and go to Mardi Gras.

Over the credits, Melissa talks to Julie about how funny it would be if she and Matt, the two virgins, tried to have sex. Melissa compares it to a porno film, but it would be like the blooper reel of the porno film, because they would be fumbling around.

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