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It Ain't Easy, But It Sure Is Big

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It Ain't Easy, But It Sure Is Big

The streetcar finally arrives to pick up Julie. While we see shots of her riding the streetcar, she tells us her parents are worried about her taking time off from school to live in a strange city, but that she hopes to "form [her] own life." The streetcar stops and David gets on, and they hug. Contrary to David's earlier prediction, Julie does not look scared. David tells Julie she is "bubbly." I bet she gets that a lot. He also says it was a "good hug." What would a bad hug be? If she missed and ended up hugging the streetcar conductor? David immediately gets all up in Julie's business, asking her about her "situation back home," especially concerning family or relationships. Well, that was subtle. Julie says she's single, and David says he is too. Then he asks her if it's hard to be single, and Julie says that "boys are trouble." Yeah, and they have cooties. David asks her if she's a "playa." Julie just laughs to disguise that she's not down with the lingo.

We see a bag of rice and then a woman sitting in a chair wearing a duffel coat. Hey, my mom had that coat. In 1977. We learn this fashion-impaired person is Melissa, a twenty-two-year old from Tampa, Florida, and a graduate of the University of South Florida. She sits there and waits, until the next roommate arrives. He is Danny, a twenty-two-year old from Rockmart, Georgia, and a graduate of the University of Georgia. He tells Melissa she must be the one he's supposed to meet. I wonder what tipped him off -- the luggage or the camera crew? After introductions, Melissa points to her bag and Danny takes it. Well, that was rude. Melissa grabs her bag of rice. It's like instead of the Log Lady from Twin Peaks, she's the Rice Lady. She cradles it as they sit in a van. I can see why she would need to bring her own rice, because if there's one thing New Orleans is lacking, it's got to be rice. It's only in every dish they serve in that city. Jambalaya? Rice. Red beans and? Rice. In an interview, Melissa says that when they started talking, Danny told her he had a secret, and she rolls her eyes to indicate what she thinks of that. Back in the van, Melissa bugs Danny to tell her what the secret is, but Danny wants her to wait. Okay, he's bugging me with the secret already. If you have a secret that you don't want to give up, you don't tell people that. You just don't discuss it. I share Melissa's frustration. After pestering him some more, Melissa proclaims Danny "retarded" and says she hates him. He says, "No, you don't." She says, "Yes, I do." This goes on for way too long and I'm bored already.

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