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It's Just Emotion That's Taking Me Over

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It's Just Emotion That's Taking Me Over

MJ calls Ashley and tells her that he fears having to walk on eggshells and worry every time he talks to a girl while he's in Philadelphia. MJ interviews that he doesn't cheat, but that he realizes that the possibility is out there. MJ says that he feels like he's been given an ultimatum. In a confessional, MJ says that breaking up is hard, because he still cares for Ashley and nothing has happened, but that the timing just isn't right. Then there's the weirdest conversation ever, where MJ and Ashley laugh, and he tells her to "keep on trucking" and she says that she'll talk to him when she sees him in hell, but they're both giggling, and either that was the most civilized breakup ever, or something weird is going on.

MJ plays the tabletop version of Commando they have in the house. I had to call J-Dawg in for a consultation on that one, and he says that it's "a classic." Whatever. Landon and Melanie (who?) walk in, and MJ informs them that he broke up with Ashley. Melanie thinks it's for the best, and that they might get back together when MJ goes back home. Landon interviews that he thinks MJ might "dabble a little bit with a roommate." Ew. Anything involving Sarah and sex is just gross.

Sarah totally interrupts MJ's nap to make sex talk about how he was "touching [her] all over this morning...and [she] liked it." God, shut UP, Sarah. And shut up, Sarah's ugly pink pants. Sarah interviews that MJ is "still on the fence with Ashley," which is why he's being "shy" about his attraction to her. Man, it would never occur to her that he's not that into her, huh? MJ continues to deny hooking up with Sarah, but laughs about it, so he's probably lying.

The roommates go out to a club. MJ dances with some blonde chicks. MJ interviews that he can do what he wants, and that blondes catch his eye. Sarah interviews that she gets bitter with MJ when he's surrounded by girls, not because he's jealous, but because it's not fun for her. Why is MJ responsible for Sarah's fun? If she's so hot and sexy and horny, why not just go find ten other guys to validate her existence?

Sarah and Shavonda have a ladies' room conference. Sarah is upset that MJ is denying their kiss. Shavonda says that MJ told her that he remembers, but that they kissed outside the house somewhere. Sarah says that they also kissed in the house. Shavonda interviews that she feels sexual tension in the house, and that Sarah has already marked MJ as her territory. MJ drunkenly tells Landon to go get the blonde's name. MJ! Do your own dirty work! Sarah whines to Shavonda and Karamo that MJ asked for the house phone number to give to some girl. They haven't even been in the house long enough for MJ to learn the phone number and Sarah is this possessive already? Cra-zee! Realizing that she's getting no support in her drama from Karamo, Sarah grabs Shavonda and says that she needs to leave. Shavonda interviews that Sarah yelled, just loud enough for MJ to hear it, that she was sexually frustrated. Shavonda really does have Sarah's number.

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