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Austin. Austin. A building. Pigeons. Warehouse. The phone rings. Danny answers. It's Neh: "I got into a fight, dude." Neh said that "they" tried to fight him, and that he's the one who got arrested. Yeah, I believe that. Danny holds his eye in while marveling over the $3000 bond on Neh's head. Danny quickly reconsiders getting his own money fronted, and asks if he should have Neh's money fronted by Production. Neh says yes, since his family surely doesn't have that kind of money. Danny camera-talks that they need to get him work on the doc. Man, that's some compassion! Danny tells Neh that he'll see what he can do, and then will come down to jail.

Day. A jogger. Warehouse. Danny tells Johanna that Production gave the okay to front the money. Johanna eats, lining her stomach for the eleven Jell-O shots she'll do later that night. She says it's a shame "this happened" to Neh, since he's so broke. Yeah, it sucks that assault just "happened" to him. I feel really bad. Danny goes on to say that Neh has a "really hard head," and that he knows better. Too bad Danny didn't have a harder head a few months ago. Danny camera-talks that Neh is a great guy but acts likes a totally different person what he gets drunk. He gets tough on Neh, basically telling Johanna that Neh made this decision and now he has to pay for it. Good man. He gets into a cab, still camera-talking that this should be a wake-up call for Neh, and that you can't just go around hitting people. You mean like you? When you're down on the ground? Blind drunk? Danny arrives at the cop station to get Neh's "ass" out of jail.

Austin. Warehouse. Lacey and Rachel work on the doc, saying that this goes to show that you can't rely on anyone to edit for you. Yeah, editors are always finding themselves thrown in jail. Editors are fucking crazy party animals. They'll drink your beer, kick your ass, then steal your woman. Watch out for those fools. Being locked up in a smelly room waiting for effects to render for hours on end does something to them. Rachel camera-flabs that since Neh might be away for a while, she and Lacey start working on the project. And we see them working on it -- with a little help, they say, from doc dork David.

Austin. Lake. Jet-skier. Bridge. Warehouse. David arrives on a bike. Editing room. David wonders if the kids are going to be ready for the premiere in three days. The girls aren't sure because, like, they really don't know what they're doing (twirl hair on finger), tee hee. David says that he's concerned it won't be done. Mel is sure they can do it. Wes thinks Neh will be back any minute, and that they can all help him finish. David says that Neh was concerned, the last time they met, that he was the only person working on the doc. But then Danny arrives with news: they won't release Neh until later that day, and he's facing, in addition to the fines, up to a year in prison. Shazam! Commercials.

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