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Austin. Travis County Jail. Neh is released. He voice-overs the shocking revelation that he's happy to be out of jail. Ah, more stunning news about jail: it's small and confining and the bed is hard! It also, "sucks." Major revelations! Call 20/20 to do an exposé on that shit right now!

Neh arrives at home. The girls hug him. Johanna reveals that Neh seemed "shocked," when he got home. Neh then blames the fight on the stress of the documentary. You know, Terence Malick hopped up on opium and sake trading blows with Elias Koteas on the set of The Thin Red Line because George Stevens is giving him shit about budget overruns and cinematographer John Toll just got a fourteen-year-old Japanese girl pregnant -- that I can understand. Not Neh's little music video.

Night. Wes tells us that he wants to hear all the details. Neh says that he hit someone in line at the bratwurst stand, and that the cops picked him up right away. Danny clearly doesn't want to hear it, and leaves the room. Touchy. Wes informs Neh that he's looking at $4000 or a year in prison. Neh's smile immediately disappears. No shit.

Night. Brat stand. Neh tells us he went to find the "guy" because he was wrong and a "man" can admit when he was wrong. Now, this is very confusing, because Neh approaches a guy we learn is Jonathan, the owner of the brat stand -- and, indeed, we see his wrist is in a brace. In the story, Neh had said it was some other guy who thought Neh was cutting in the brat line that he ended up hitting. So I think they're misleading us, making us think Neh is apologizing to his victim when he's really just apologizing to the guy who tried to stop the fight and got in the way. Or Neh is lying and he actually hit the brat guy in his confusion. Or some dumb-ass combo of all of that. And also: I don't really care. Neh apologizes, and Jonathan is all laughs as he says he was trying to help him out when Neh was getting belligerent and...okay, Neh now tells us that he got "threatened" and just started swinging and hit the wrong person. In his drunkenness, he thought the brat guy was just some guy. Clear? Crystal. Jonathan says he tried to tell Neh he was on his side last night, but that Neh was too drunk to understand. Jonathan thanks him for stopping by, and shakes with his gimpy hand. Yeah, you just know B/M is getting slapped with a humungous lawsuit; Homeboy is going to have a big-ass bratwurst stand when this shit's done. Neh walks off, telling us he hopes the charges are dropped, but that he'll accept his consequences and stand up like a man. Neh is a man! It's really refreshing to see that one person can be so damn manly as to apologize to the sausage guy for cold-cocking him.

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