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Inside, the kids sit. Paul gives a little speech to the big (paid) crowd about how he was dubious when B/M said they wanted to do this. Johanna interrupts by camera-talking that she started thinking back on doing the job and all the fights; we see some of these in flashbacks. It's kinda cute how the editors are trying to pretend they care, putting in music and making the screening this big thing, when clearly not even the people who made it (the seriously delusional Neh notwithstanding) give a crap about the movie. Paul babbles on about how these are beginners, and stutters in trying to come up with something nice to say about the doc, finally landing on "pretty...pretty enjoyable." Bwah! Neh camera-talks, still -- still! -- babbling about staying up all night working and how he's a man of his word and it feels good, sticking his chin out like Cuba in Boyz In Da Hood. Poor Neh.

The doc starts. The kids watch. They laugh. Brief shots of the movie. The people clap. The Graphics of Stupid tell us that we can watch the movie online at No, thank you.

Next: the final one! The kids pack. Johanna is sad. Mel hugs Danny. Wes and Neh are both yelling at the crying Rachel, who is being held back by Danny. Danny camera-caves that there is a lot of tension in the house and that it's tough to leave like that. No. No, it's not.

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