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Jamie is King Choad

Melissa is talking to Kelley in a sun porch area and finally says the quote from the incessant commercial about putting seven attractive people in a house together. She adds that she hopes she and Kelley won't be in a competition for Jamie. Kelley says that there's no competition and nobody will care if whether she or Melissa hooks up with Jamie. Melissa doesn't look convinced and I hope she's not looking pouty over the possibility that Jamie would choose Kelley over her. Be proud of your spunky Tootsie Roll, Melissa. In a confessional, Melissa says it would be best if no one in the house hooked up at all. In an interview, Kelley says she could have Jamie if she wanted him but then laughs in embarrassment. As the girls continue to discuss the situation Jamie enters the room wearing what looks like brief underwear on his head. Kelley just stares at him but Melissa ducks her head, looking guilty. They agree that Jamie shouldn't be such a topic of conversation and that they need to get out and meet other people.

Wow, I just fast-forwarded through about four minutes of commercials. That makes me feel better because I thought I was never going to finish this recap.

Jamie is on the phone with a friend named Jeff who is blathering about how Jamie shouldn't hook up with any women. Why? I do not know. Perhaps because Jeff thinks Jamie should save his extreme-sports-doing, polo-shirt-wearing, woman-loathing self for Jeff. Jamie says "temptation before Christ" and I had guessed he had a big ego, but really, that's going too far. In their bedroom Julie narcs to Kelley that she overheard Jamie telling his friend he hasn't hooked up with anyone in the house because he hasn't "put any energy into it." Kelley, the freak, admits she could see herself entering into something with Jamie but knows she would end up hurt because he doesn't care and she does.

Scary shot of Jamie pressing Melissa's face into his ass in a bar. In an interview, Kelley explains how she spotted a guy in a bar and took a chance on going over to meet him. The tape shows Kelley pointing the guy out to Melissa and then speaking with him. Later, Kelley tells Melissa and Jamie that the guy is smart, interesting and nice. In the bar, Melissa says the guy is beautiful and Kelley tells her and Jamie all about his being a medical resident and a surfer. Jamie makes light of this news and I can't decide whether it's because he's jealous (which is what "They" want us to think) or a moron (which I'm sure is true) or uncomfortable in front of the cameras (even if he is, he's still a moron). Kelley and Peter go somewhere together and Kelley indicates that she is getting along well with him. It looks like some phone numbers are being exchanged.

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