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Jamie is King Choad

The next morning sleepy Julie asks Kelley whether she met someone the night before. Melissa, who is sleeping with Kelley, gushes about Peter and Julie notes that with his dark hair, well-traveled, potentially wealthy attributes, Peter "sounds like somebody in this house." Melissa says he is like Jamie except he's not "retarded." Jamie peeks in the bedroom and gives a bizarre simpering "Good morning." He's seriously a black hole of personality.

Melissa and Jamie are hanging together and Melissa is mocking Jamie to someone on the phone. In an interview, Jamie says he's never had a friendship with a woman before like he has now with Melissa. What a choad. David makes his micro-second appearance saying he's not sure what's going on with Jamie and Melissa but that they're an unlikely pair like "Don King and Martha Stewart." Except Jamie is Martha Stewart in that analogy.

Kelley is seated on the red sofa, talking with Peter on the phone. She admits she was worried he wouldn't call and tells him that tonight she and Melissa are going to be in a drag show for the Chinese New Year. Apparently the show being organized by a guy named Anthony and there's some sort of pun based on drag/dragon. This is the point at which my small, nagging headache (started when Jamie pushed Melissa's face into his butt) turns into a full-blown crown of pain. Julie, Melissa and Kelley will not be dressing up as men, however, which makes me wonder how much drag will actually be in this show. Kelley offers to put Peter on the guest list and is excited when he indicates his interest.

Matt and Julie are playing pool, and Matt asks, in the most monotone voice this side of Ben Stein, if Julie's "fashion show" is tonight. He then pockets the fifty bucks the producer gave him to make this lame show of interest in the people living with him. Julie insists that Matt has to come and he rudely replies, "What makes you think I'm gonna be there at two in the morning?" What a creep. Matt then sulkily says he hates drags queens and that they're like "really messed-up clowns." Matt, hon, a guy in an obnoxious red and yellow sweater with hair and earrings like yours just doesn't have any room to talk. In fact, "scary messed-up clown" is your new nickname in my world. Julie is excited about the show and says she feels like Matt is "always on the bleachers." I'm not big fan of performance art myself but at least the women are trying out something new and not sulking around the house trying to avoid the cameras like Matt.

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