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Jamie is King Choad

Melissa looks over some games in a cupboard and a voice off-camera suggests Mr. Bubble. She and Jamie tussle and then take a bubble bath together in the hot tub. They are wearing swimsuits, thank you God. Melissa says she deals with her attraction by being loud about it and Jamie says he likes Melissa's raw and blunt nature.

Some random clip of Kelley telling Julie that she doesn't think she'd be a good combination with Jamie. Sob. This doesn't even fit into the narrative at this point, not to mention that it's a point that has already been driven home with all the subtlety of an eighteen-wheeler smashing into a plate glass window.

Over the credits Jamie and Melissa flirt and wrestle and I'm too busy grabbing my pounding temples to recap all the bits-grabbing that goes on.

Next week on The Real World: Melissa is a drama queen some more.

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