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Jason's Relationship Goes Timber

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Jason's Relationship Goes Timber

And, finally. Back in the firehouse, Timber calls Jason and actually gives it to him straight: "I'm not trying to put any weird pressure on you. And if you really need this time to yourself and you really don't want me to come out there, then I really need you to say that." Nice. She's not portrayed even as close to berserk as we will come to know. I think we're even supposed to feel a tiny bit bad for her at the end of this episode, when Jason ambiguously breaks up with her with the is-it-a-kiss-off kiss-off, "Let me do this on my own." But what I really want to do, rather than sit and sympathize over the loss of this stand-up fellow in her life, is fly out to Boulder, administer whichever of Timber's many stabilizing meds she's expected to take today, and high-five the hell out of her for getting the monkey called Jason off her back...For now.

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