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Joe! Get Off the Phone!

Mike, Joe, and Melissa feed their faces at an Italian restaurant. Joe calls Ick his "bitch" and Melissa makes a few hundred faces, saying "Ugh!" and "That's a totally disgusting habit." Joe says he means it like "a term of endearment." Well, there is that excellent Supersuckers song, "She's My Bitch," but in the song the girl asks the guy to call her his bitch. So it's up to the girl. Just like the rest of the rules. Joe says he is the way he is because of his dad. When girls came around for Joe, his dad would scream, "What are you getting involved with women for? They'll ruin you!" Nice. Then, "My dad completely disrespected women. He called them the downfall of man." I hate Joe's dad. Apparently, women stood in his dad's way. Joe says "he's working on it." Don't be a misogynist, Monogamous Man!

We get a montage of Joe on the phone with Ick, wiping his eyes in slow motion and wearing a number of different shirts. In one shirt he asks, "Is there something making it easy for you not to call me, Nic?" She whines, "Why are you so paranoid?" Joe says he's not, but "I didn't hear from you in a week!" Then, in another shirt, he hangs up the phone and goes downstairs to talk to Cynthia. Cyn says, "Now he's in love, and he don't like that. She can make him cry!" Then Cyn, who has clearly not met Ick before, tells Joe to keep trying in his relationship. Joe says, "Cynthia opened my eyes to the fact that I have something special." Yeah, you are dating a monster, that's certainly special.

Next time, Cyn tries as hard as she can to close Joe's eyes.

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