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Night. House. Jose reveals to us that he dared Erin to jump into the pool. So suddenly Erin whips off her bra and drops her jeans so she's standing in just her thong. Klassy. Jose is still looking away, fiercely. Everyone laughs as Erin jumps into the pool. Jose camera-gays that she proved him wrong by jumping into the pool naked. John makes a joke about "floatation devices," and Erin displays her tits and leans half out of the pool, motioning for Jose to get in. Jose then camera-beards to us a total non-excuse: "I'm just like, man, I don't want to go into this pool." He goes on to say that he's not attracted to this girl, and he walks inside. Wow. He's probably heading to see what Tyler's up to. Poor Erin is left alone. She calls him a pussy and then says something I can't understand because she's wasted and my TV is four inches. Just like Jose!

Night. Moon. Erin's ass. Erin's ass. She towels off. John and Elena have the awkward post-non-sex conversation in which she asks if he wants her to come back. He babbles, clearly not interested. Saucy Erin then says that she has to get up early, and apologizes for cock-blocking but, as she says, "It's not like you were getting anywhere, anyway." Hee! Love this girl, and not just for the ass or the outing of Jose. Okay, well, yes.

Taxi. The female cab driver makes a joke about John having two girls for her to pick up. John pathetically camera-talks about missing female company and so this was nice. Wah! I think your purple headband is too tight.

Morning. Houses. Key West. House. Kitchen. John tells the others about making out with Elena all night, joking about how far he got, but they cut it out so we can't tell. Then John busts Paula for kissing the girl at the bar and we have to witness that again. The others are shocked. Paula then camera-Indigos that she thinks girls are attractive but that it doesn't make her a lesbian. She goes on to tell the others that she would admit more, but that she just can't really remember what exactly went down. Well, that's the great thing about being a famewhore and going on shows like this. You can just check the tape!

Driving. FORD! Driving. John talks to Tyler about Paula kissing the girl. Tyler says he thinks that Paula could be bisexual, but that, really, she just will take affection and attention from whoever gives it to her. John thinks he can pick out a gay guy every time. Tyler says he has some gay friends who could fool John. Yeah, and one of them is named Jose.

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