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Tyler, in love with the sound of his own voice, drones on and on about how rude Svet and Paula were and how much he has to do in the next two days to pull off this event. As he prattles on, Zach and Jose just look bored. After tiring of listening to him moan about his workload, Zach offers to help him with whatever he needs. Ever thankful, Tyler ignores him to honk and bitch at bicyclists on the road, pretending that Zach never said a word. Tyler then turns to Jose to ask him whether he's working out. Jose says that he is, but he needs a nap first, so the three come up with a plan for the car. Tyler offers -- OFFERS -- that he'll be done with whatever he's doing at 9, so he can take "Josie" home after his workout. Somehow, Zach's going to drive to see his parents for dinner, at which point Tyler will get the car, pick up Jose, and everyone is happy. I don't know the details of the plan because even though I watched this scene three times, I'm still a bit confused about where everyone is coming and going from. I guess it will turn out that I'm no the only one. Jose tells us that it's complicated. Yes, and unfortunately none of you seems like your little noggins should be taxed to this extent.

8:30 PM. Lots of glamour shots of Jose working out.

9:15 PM. Back at the house, John's essentially herding chickens trying to get everyone out the door. They were supposed to meet Zach's parents at the restaurant at 9. Everyone except for Tyler and Jose is having dinner with them tonight. I guess Tyler will meet them at the restaurant, where they'll hand off the keys and get Jose. Unfortunately, when they arrive at 9:40 PM, Tyler's in the middle of an Academy Award performance of I'm Not Really A Dick; Aren't I Great Company? with Zach's family. Once everyone is at the table, he finally asks for the gym's phone number. When John asks why, Tyler says some shit about needing to figure out a plan to tell Jose, instead of, say, just going to pick him up. The plan is to get off your ass, moron. Why don't you call and tell himyou're late, and that you're leaving to get him now? Zach actually suggests this, but in a much nicer manner than I do. After Tyler dicks around some more like a prissy little bitch -- I swear, I know he doesn't actually purse his lips when he talks, but he just acts like he does and it's all I can picture -- John just gets the keys and heads off to pick up Jose. Tyler, of course, takes this time to yell after John not to talk to him "that way," which is extremely appropriate in front of Zach's parents, but John just walks out. The entire showdown is laid over scenes of Jose waiting pathetically with only the company of his water bottle.

John voices over that he "wants the night to go smoothly," so he just takes off to get Jose. He does feel, though, like it was Tyler's responsibility. MAYBE BECAUSE IT WAS. He adds that if he was stuck somewhere and "an inconsiderate person" didn't want to pick him up, he'd expect Jose or Zach to do the same for him. When he gets to the gym, Jose isn't there, and the guy tells John that he left a while ago after waiting around. John takes off and finds Jose walking, nearly home at this point. When he explains that Tyler didn't want to pick up Jose, Jose thinks Tyler just never showed up to get the keys. His eyebrows rise when John explains that he was at the restaurant as they were speaking, and we see Tyler oozing praise about some dessert. John goes on and on about how frustrated he is, and Jose voices over that he's surprised Tyler did this, because Jose's supposed to be "his boy." As John rages, Tyler continues to laugh at dinner and pretend to be the perfect guest.

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