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(If you're actually holding a "cocktail event" for Speedo and Amanda Beard, don't you have it catered and not have it look like the room mother made the week's snacks for Bobby's eighth birthday class party?) Zach, Janelle, and Svet head out, and Tyler gets lost, even though this is his place of business and I would assume that he would have figured out how to get there by himself like a big boy already. The marketing for the event amounts to some painting on the front door. Tyler lists Amanda's achievements -- three-time Olympian and world-record holder -- and explains that she's promoting her new Speedo line. Amanda is really gracious as Tyler tells her that even though she thought the event was from 4 PM to 6, they (Tyler) expected people "early evening." (Meaning, if no one shows up, he can pretend it's a timing problem because he's a liar and an inept planner who thinks he should run the world. Brilliant plan.) Janelle asks Tyler in the other room whether he even remembered to invite anyone at all, and Tyler says that he told some nebulous "them" to promote it at schools and community colleges. Janelle wishes she'd known, so that maybe they could have invited more people. This is seriously the most half-assed, unprepared promotion ever, and, as someone who has worked in events for years, I can't believe Tyler didn't make sure he'd have some attendees. Oh, but wait -- it's Tyler. Never mind me. Amanda gamely talks to and signs autographs for the eight people who showed up. You heard me right: eight. That means that with the housemates and Amanda herself, this grand "cocktail event" had sixteen attendees in two hours. Janelle rightfully calls Tyler out, saying that he should have asked for help so that they all could have advertised and made it an actually successful event and not a hideous embarassment. I just love that Tyler's plan blew up in his face, and instead of being solely responsible for its success, he's solely responsible for its failure. Awesome. Amanda leaves. Sheesh.

Once the event is mercifully over, Jose tells Tyler that he's "been acting very diva these last couple of days." Tyler has the amazing gall to look surprised and bewildered (yet somehow, also delighted) at this accusation. He gigglingly pretends not to understand what Jose could possibly mean by that. However, since it's Jose, Tyler takes it seriously and hears him out. Tyler apologizes for their having to witness the fight with John, but Jose points out that he wasn't even there for that, and has to explain what John is really mad about, which is having to pick up after Tyler. Yes, John should have pointed that out, but by the time he'd snapped, rational speech wasn't an option. Then we get the real acting. Tyler decides to fall back on his family history, saying that John's behavior reminds him of things he's been through in the past. Tyler adds that it reminds him of "every time someone else has lashed out at [him] in his life." I'm surprised your pea brain has enough space to hold all that, Tyler, since I would think someone's probably wanted to strangle you at least once every day you've been on this fair earth.

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