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The Neverending Cycle

The next morning, John and Zach are at Mystic Tan and get a message that FORD! replaced the Mercury Milan, and it is waiting outside. They ooh and aah and reiterate all of the places they can now drive, and thank Ricky. Shouldn't they be thanking Ford?

At home, Tyler sits John down and tells him, "We've all had our moments where we lashed out in the house, but to me, I'm very tender about the way people speak to me...." Tender?! Tender, like I've just hit you repeatedly with a meat tenderizer, maybe. Tyler then brings up his family history, his brother, etc. etc. John looks like he's just given up. He listens to everything very passively, which Tyler takes as acceptance. Oh lordy, but wait -- John actually tells Tyler that the reason he got upset was because of how much he cares about Tyler. John actually seems to be suckered by Tyler's tears, and says that he doesn't want to add to his pain. They appear to be heading down Forgiveness Road. Personally, I'd just want to get out of the room so that I could ignore Tyler's existence, but whatever. Potato, po-tah-to. As Tyler explains that this meaningful relationship makes him want to reach out to his brother, my Tivo cuts off the last seconds of the episode. But it's just as well, since I think I might actually vomit if I had I watch them finish up this love-fest. Let's all hug and sing until next Tuesday, which I'm sure will feature more strife.

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