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Julie's Stupid Letter

David and his "friend" Deanna are eating at the Trolley Stop Café. David says he doesn't get any support from the house. Deanna says, "You get no support from the house?" In a confessional, David says that if the roommates want to hate him, they can, and he'll move on. David demonstrates moving on by continuing to bitch about his roommates to Deanna, saying that if his roommates aren't going to give him support, he can't care about them either. What support? Are his roommates Miracle Bras or something? I don't understand what kind of support he is looking for. Deanna reads from the script that David prepared for her, basically repeating everything David just said. So, in case we didn't get it when David said it (because of his communication issues), now we get Deanna repeating it. It's nice that David hired an interpreter for this scene. David says that if no one else will applaud for him, he will stand up and applaud for himself. He demonstrates said applause. Wow, they are really gearing this conversation to the mentally deficient. David says that he's "hated," and the subtle strains of "Hate Me Now" by Nas and Puff Daddy start up in the background. That foreboding music tells me that the confrontation scene must be up next.

Hardly. Cut to a recording studio, where David is singing some Boyz II Men rip-off into a microphone. Luckily, there is one of those screens on the microphone, and it covers his facial manipulations. David voice-overs that he was given a gift for singing. He doesn't have any money, not even a credit card. Not even a credit card! That is un-American! Doesn't he know that he is supposed to rack up thousands of dollars in debt before he even gets out of college, and then not be able to pay it off and ruin his credit rating forever? I know that's how it works. I saw a story about it on Dateline. David explains that when he wears his headphones, he's not trying to cut off the world. He's trying to "make a dollar out of fifteen cents." Didn't he just say that he doesn't have any money at all? And now he has fifteen cents? He needs to get his facts straight. In a confessional, David says that he's trying to take advantage of his experience and not regret a single day. So, to recap: David wants to get rich from singing. He's using his time on The Real World to make that happen. How, exactly, I'm not sure, since out of the handful of musicians that have been on the show, none of them have exactly struck it big. But I'm sure David will applaud himself all the way to the top. Now must be the big confrontation.

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