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Julie's Stupid Letter

Back inside, Matt explains to Melissa that he just wanted to talk to Jacob, but Julie got defensive, and now he looks like "the jealous boyfriend, and that's so not even the case." Matt has Dawson Syndrome -- all of his clothes are XXL. Melissa says, "He's cute!" Matt says, "He's also like..." and Melissa finishes, "Twelve." Hee! So true. In true B/M subtle fashion, "What's My Age Again" by Blink182 starts up in the background. What is with the Top 40 hits on this episode? Normally, I don't recognize any of the songs. I was starting to feel really old. Cut to Julie and Jacob sitting on a ledge somewhere, making out. He really is a teenager.

David is driving the Yukon, and he tells Jamie that there's going to be "a hot tub party" with strippers. In an interview, David says everyone will take off their clothes, because that's what they do for a living. You'd think with strippers (and none of my friends are strippers, so I can't really test this theory), it would be like doctors not wanting to examine their friends and relatives, like they want to leave their work at the office. Do you think strippers want to keep all their clothes on when they are off duty? I wonder. David adds that he will be "butt naked, hopefully." What does he mean, hopefully? Does he have no control over it? I bet the next scene will be the big confrontation, over the party and all.

More Yukon. In an interview, Julie says that David is going to have a bunch of strippers over. He is? Since when? Julie goes on to call their house "the Belfort Brothel." In the Yukon, Julie is mad that she was the last to know about the party. Melissa says she just found out the night before. Julie thinks the whole "having sex in the hot tub" thing should be an issue, too. Jamie helpfully informs her that "spermies cannot live in the water." Melissa says, "Herpes does." Jamie guesses that there's going to be "so much bootizzy juice" in the hot tub. Everyone groans and cringes, including your intrepid recapper. But it was funny.

The all-TRL edition of The Real World continues as Destiny's Child starts singing "Jumpin' Jumpin'" on the soundtrack. David checks out the hot tub. Various shots of David talking to ladies out on the sidewalk. David voice-overs that he's got strippers coming "from three different places." It's like a stripper variety pack. Some of the strippers enter the house, as David tells us that we're "not going to want to miss this." Okay, so I figure the promised roommate confrontation is going to happen during or after the party, right? I mean, this is only the first commercial break.

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