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Julie's Stupid Letter

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Julie's Stupid Letter

"Where My Girls At" by 702 starts up. Danny looks out the window at the assembled strippers out front. Some ladies in bathing suits hang out in the bathroom. Melissa spies on them and looks disgusted. David hugs a stripper in a leopard-print bikini. Okay, I don't know if all of these women are strippers, but David said that they were, and until someone tells me differently, I'm just going with that. Melissa walks out of the house with a bunch of stuff. Melissa, Kelley, Danny, and some random girl leave the house. In a confessional, Melissa says that this is going to turn into a "sleazy, dirty rap video." Some of the partygoers get into the hot tub. In an interview, Danny says that he's up for a party, but if it's going to be all about hanging out with a bunch of strippers to make yourself look cooler, he wants nothing to do with it. David is hanging out in the hot tub with a bunch of people -- there are two other guys and about twelve women, and various other people assembled around the outside. In a confessional, Melissa says, "I just don't understand this necessity to be Mr. Bling Bling." If I didn't know this was recorded months ago, I would totally say that was a shout-out to our forum posters, who were doing some hilarious variations on that phrase this week. Okay, now that the party is over, I'm sure the big confrontation will happen. Come on! I've been waiting for this all week!

Matt and Julie are in the kitchen. Matt wants to know how old Jacob is. Julie says, "He just graduated." From junior high? Julie asks how old Brandy is. Matt says she's "eighteen, going on nineteen. She's like eighteen and three-quarters." Hee! Julie nailed him. Danny, who was practically falling asleep on the couch nearby, looks over and laughs. Matt thinks that Jacob probably just turned eighteen. Age is just a number, baby. Julie asks if Matt realizes how rude he was when he met Jacob. Matt says that he realizes it could have been seen as rude, but he calls his "friends back home punk-ass and gutter punk all the time." Oh, okay then. Clearly, it wasn't rude. In a confessional, Julie laments that she and Matt cannot communicate. Didn't we already see this storyline? Does anyone care? Quick poll of the audience...nope. No one cares. Get to the fight!

Julie goes out to the patio, where suddenly there is a rabbit in a cage. Where did this rabbit come from? Who does it belong to? No one knows. In an interview, Julie says she is writing a letter to Matt because he doesn't understand why she has issues with him. Julie thinks if she "write[s] it down, in word form," they can have some closure. I'm glad she isn't going to draw him a little cartoon, or perhaps do an interpretive dance of their problems. And thank GOD she isn't going to write a song about it. We hear a little bit of Julie's letter, where she says that she doesn't feel better about herself when she's around Matt. Julie concludes that this is either going to make the situation better or a whole lot worse. Who cares, as long as it makes it over, and they get to the part where they all confront David?

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