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Julie's Stupid Letter

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Julie's Stupid Letter

Everyone is cleaning up the house. David is sitting in the corner with his keyboard. Matt asks him what section he has, and David says the living room. Matt tells Kelley and Danny about David not cleaning, and they complain. Danny goes downstairs and asks David if he will help. David says the living room is his area, and doesn't make any move to start cleaning. You know, if David would just give them a timeline, or an explanation, or something, they would probably get off his back. Or if he got off his ass and picked up the few things in the living room, which would probably take all of ten minutes. I mean, if he said, "I promise I will clean this area, but I have to go to the studio in an hour, and I need to prepare this right now," the roommates would probably be more understanding. Matt asks David to clean with them, and David doesn't really respond in any way, but he also doesn't start cleaning. In a confessional, David says that he doesn't see the purpose in them cleaning all together, since he has a big night tonight. Jamie asks what area David is cleaning, and David says, "The living room, for the fifth time." In an interview, Matt says that he doesn't want David to be the disliked one in the house. Would Matt rather it be him? Because come on -- there's going to be at least one person on the show that people dislike. It always works that way.

Matt and David are playing pool. Did David ever clean the living room? It's unclear. Matt is asking about David's studio time. In an interview, Matt says that he wanted to go to the studio and show David some support, but when it came time to leave, David left without Matt. But did he clean the living room? The suspense is killing me. Plus, I'm getting a little worried here. There are only like two minutes left in the episode and no big confrontation yet, and David just walked out the door.

David returns from the studio, as we see a patented B/M "tension in the house" montage of streetcars and signs that say "Danger." Matt asks David why he left without him. David says he didn't "feel like having a weird vibe up in the studio." So, the decent thing to do would have been to tell Matt that when he asked to go along, right? Instead of just walking out without saying a word. In an interview, Matt says that he has "given [himself] to David in a way that no one else in the house has, and [he] gets outright dissed." Well, maybe they should confront him or something. David tells Matt, "Whatever, dude." In a confessional, Jamie says that David is a "cavity -- this decay in our house." Matt tells Melissa and Julie that this is the first time he's been "straight-up dissed." But certainly not the last. In a confessional, Melissa says, "Friendship requires reciprocation." Melissa tells Julie that David has no respect for anyone, and he can't even look people in the face when talking to them. Hey, we saw that last week when he was talking to Elton!

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