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Kidney a Break

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Kidney a Break

Tonya sits in the living room talking to Chris about how difficult it was to be in foster care. It was very formal, and she never got any hugs or kisses, and all she really wanted was someone to hold her. Well, in this day and age, I can't really blame foster parents for not holding their foster children all night long unless they want to face allegations of child molestation. In an interview, Tonya explains that she lived with her biological mother until she was twelve, and then went into foster care until she was seventeen, when she moved out on her own. Tonya tells Chris that she never heard anyone say that they loved her. Okay, yes, that would be really difficult and probably cause emotional problems in a kid. I'm sorry that her mother sucked. But lots of people have very difficult childhoods and don't grow up to be drama queens and attention whores. It's called therapy, honey. Look into it. Oh, but she doesn't have health care in Chicago. Again, I'm getting ahead of myself. In an interview, Chris says that he feels for Tonya, and it's not sympathy. It's not? Tonya says that she feels that God made her a very lovable person. Then she tells Chris that God doesn't love him because he is gay. Okay, she really didn't, but that's about the only thing she could have done at that point that would have made me hate her more.

The roommates show up at their first day on the job...ten minutes early! Surely that must be a Real World record of some sort. Keri explains that they had to report to the beach house at North Avenue Beach. They are welcomed by Jamie, the Deputy Director of Beaches and Pools. He explains all the types of training that they will get, and the roommates sit down to fill out forms. When Jamie mentions "sexual harassment training," they cut to CJP, which cracked me up for some reason. Kyle comments that they got a lot of books, and he "thought it was all suntan oil and whistles."

Next, the roommates have to go down to the pool and swim continuously for twenty minutes. Some park guy explains that there can be no butterfly or backstroke. Who would do the butterfly for twenty minutes? It's so tiring. The guys go first, and the girls cheer them on. When she notices that even Kyle is getting tired already, CJP says, "If Hercules is getting tired, how am I supposed to do this?" The boys complete the task.

The girls are ordered into the water, and they start swimming. CJP is having a difficult time, mostly because she just won't put her face in the water. Tonya climbs out and sits on the side of the pool. Jamie comments to another guy that they already have a quitter. Heh. Kyle walks over to see what's up with Tonya, who says that her kidney is bothering her. Her kidney? Did she sprain it? In an interview, Tonya says that she has a kidney infection and knows that she's not capable of pushing her body anymore. Tonya advises Kyle to tell the bosses about her kidney problems. In an interview, Kyle says that he's trying very hard to get everyone to pass the tests, and to be supportive, but it's tough because "some people act very differently when they're challenged physically."

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