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Kidney a Break

Tonya tells Aneesa that she's going home for a few days to get treatment. In an interview, Tonya says that her roommates don't know her well enough to know if she's sick, and that she's afraid that she won't get better if she lets it go. Aneesa barely listens to Tonya, because she's burrowing through her dresser looking for something. Also, because no one cares about Tonya's stupid kidneys. In an interview, Aneesa says that Tonya probably does have a problem with her body, but that she's going home because she's homesick and misses her boyfriend. Tonya keeps babbling that she doesn't care about being a lifeguard. Aneesa and Theo just ignore her and look for Aneesa's bikini top. Tonya finally gets the hint and walks away.

At the pool, the roommates prepare for more testing. They have to swim 200 metres in three minutes and thirty seconds or less. That seems pretty tough. But I think it should be. If I'm drowning, I don't want any slow-ass lifeguard taking his or her own sweet time out to get me, you know? The bosses suggest that CJP swim freestyle for her test. In an interview, Kyle says that if they don't all pass, they will have to find some "consolation job" that will "probably be pretty lame." Yeah, like starting your own business. Or volunteering at a children's center. Or working at a radio station. Or working at a coffeehouse/retail place. Or doing cable access television. Or "working" at a record label. Those would be really lame.

Kyle, Keri, and CJP go first. The others cheer them on. Kyle and Keri are swimming as fast as they can. CJP does a kind of doggy-paddle. She still won't put her face in the water. It's like the style of swimming that old ladies do in the pool because they don't want to get their hair wet. Jamie yells at her to try harder, and CJP bitches that she's tired. Kyle and Keri continue swimming. CJP stand up in the pool and fixes her hair. Jamie asks her if she's quitting, and she proudly says, "Yep." And I think that is where she completely lost me on this. I can accept that swimming is tiring, especially if you haven't trained for it, and didn't know that you would need to do it for your job. But she seems so proud that she's giving up. At least finish the distance, you know? Make an effort. Kyle and Keri finish before time is up, so they both pass. CJP is still standing in the pool. She looks down at herself, probably thinking, "Man, my nipples could cut glass." I'm sorry, but they could. Kyle and Keri hug.

CJP is sitting on the side of the pool now. She tells the others that there is no way she'll be able to do it in time. The bosses suggest that she get motivated and try. In an interview, Kyle says that there are probably a lot of reasons why CJP wouldn't get back in the pool, but he doesn't know what they are. CJP starts crying. Crying! Aneesa comforts her, saying, "As long as you did your best." CJP admits that she didn't. Oh, boo hoo.

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