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Kidney a Break

In an interview, Chris says that Tonya has to go home to get medical attention, but she's also leaving instead of dealing with things. As Tonya walks out, you can see the big red paint splotch on the front door, put there by protestors during filming. It makes me think that part of Tonya's problem is the hatred the roommates encountered from some residents of the area during filming. All these vague references to "dealing with things" and "sirens" seem to refer to that issue, to me. Tonya drags her bags out to the sidewalk. A car is stopped in traffic in front of the house. She asks the driver how far it is to the airport by cab. He tells her that it's an hour in traffic, and advises her to "take the Blue Line." Tonya starts crying as he pulls away and says that she can't take the Blue Line. So call a cab! Or a shuttle! God, take some fucking responsibility for your life! Tonya stands on the sidewalk and sobs. One of their neighbors pulls up and offers her a ride. Tonya says that she's "getting the hell out of [there]." She gets into the car, and they take off while the background music sings, "I'm leaving town!"

Next time: Tonya goes to the doctor in Walla Walla. CJP says that Keri and Kyle aren't a couple, but that they act like one. Kyle says that he would never cheat on his girlfriend, and we see footage of him getting into bed with Keri. Woo!

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