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Kidney Stone Soup

Lara, the Park Departments Boss, suggests that they go to the emergency room so that Tonya can get some pain medication. CJP apologizes to the kids for leaving early, but explains that she needs to take Tonya to the hospital. Tonya doesn't say a word, except to ask CJP to carry her bag, and then she stiffly walks out of the room while holding her back. Tonya waits on the steps and cries while CJP goes to get the car. CJP speeds off while Tonya lies across the back seat and moans and groans every time they hit a bump. CJP asks if Tonya can lie in another position to make it feel better. Tonya moans that she can't, and that she went home the last time it happened so that no one would see her like this. Except that we all did see her like that, when she was crying because she couldn't get her bags out of the house. Tonya keeps complaining about the bumps in the road, and CJP apologizes, because she was apparently on the crew that laid the pavement. CJP looks at some directions that Lara gave them, and comments that they are wrong. Tonya suggests that they ask a bystander where Northwestern is. No! They should go to County General! Luka could help them. Or kill Tonya. Either one would be fine with me. CJP gets directions. Tonya is now kneeling on the floor of the van. CJP pulls into the hospital and assures Tonya that she will be okay, then hops out and asks for a wheelchair. Two people help Tonya into the wheelchair, but she claims that she can't sit the normal way, so she kneels on the seat and leans over the back. CJP asks where she should park the car, and promises to return in two seconds. Tonya is wheeled off, sobbing.

I guess the camera crews weren't allowed in the hospital, since suddenly Tonya is being wheeled out. In an interview, Tonya says that it was "another nightmare experience, being in the hospital again." Tonya is now wearing a completely different outfit. Did CJP go home and get her some more comfortable clothes? Who knows? In an interview, Tonya says that it's very discouraging for her, since she's an athlete. Jigga-wha? She's an athlete? Tonya also says that it's "hard for [her] to get sick in front of other people." But not the cameras. Tonya climbs stiffly into the van and shuts the door.

Back at the loft, Chris, Kyle, Aneesa, and Keri step out of the elevator, carrying food. Kyle hugs a teary Tonya and asks how she's feeling. Tonya softly says that she's supposed to stay off her feet. As many people pointed out in the forums, she's also not supposed to drink soda, even though she just poured herself a huge glass of it. Kyle tells her to get off her feet, then, and pats her on the back. Tonya quickly tells him not to hit her back. Kyle apologizes. In an interview, Kyle says that his theory about Tonya's ailments is that missing Justin is a "catalyst for her condition." Seriously? Kyle did not blink once in that interview segment. It was scary. Tonya tells her roommates that she passed a few more stones while she was in the hospital, and that she has a bladder infection and a kidney infection. She also has the brain fever, and possibly the Ebola virus. And maybe AIDS. Chris asks why this keeps recurring. Tonya ignores him because it would mean admitting that she doesn't always follow doctors' orders, and thus she would have to take responsibility for this problem. Tonya says that they did a CAT scan and found five more kidney stones. Oh, bullshit. If she really had five more kidney stones, plus multiple infections, they would not have released her from the hospital. Tonya tells Chris that it feels like razors. I don't doubt that she has medical problems as well as mental problems. I just think she's exaggerating what is really wrong, and overdramatizing her condition for attention.

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