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Kidney Stone Soup

David Gray sings "Babylon" as Kyle drives up to the lake house. Man, I really like that song and now it's ruined. Kyle arrives and hugs his dad, explaining that his friends will arrive the next day. Kyle sits with his dad and stepmom, babbling on and on about Nicole. His stepmom is blonde and appears much younger than Kyle's dad, kind of like Ted's stepmom in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. She also appears really bored by Kyle's babbling, not that I can blame her. Kyle keeps talking and talking about how he doesn't want to hurt Nicole or Keri. His stepmom falls asleep. Okay, not really. In an interview, Kyle says that he would love to date Keri. Kyle concludes that it's "a daily conflict."

Kyle calls Keri at the loft as he walks around by the pool. Keri says that she's bored at home. Kyle apologizes. In an interview, Kyle says that he feels like an ass because he should have brought her along. Yes! Then he ruins it by saying that he should have brought her because she's bored at home. No, he should have brought her because he likes her and she likes him, and she clearly makes him happier than Nicole does right now. Anyway. I still think she deserves better. Kyle says that he did a lot of thinking on the drive up there, and that he has some things to say to Keri. He has realized that he has thrown a "really difficult and probably annoying situation" at Keri, by telling her that he likes her but that he's in love with another person. Keri flatly says, "That's okay." In an interview, Kyle says that he's trying to make a lot of people happy and that he's doing the best he can. Kyle tells Keri that he'll see her the next morning, and they hang up. Keri snuggles up with a blanket next to the phone, for some reason.

Next week: Keri doesn't feel like it's just her and Kyle at the lake house. Because all of the other roommates are there. Kyle still has feelings for Nicole, but the night-vision camera shows him kissing someone else. Do they have night-vision cameras at the lake house, or was that footage from a completely different time? Chris likes Kurt, but Kurt wants more than Chris can give. Keri tells Kyle that "it's very lame that she's put [herself] in this position, and [she's] not going to do it anymore." Yay! I knew she could do better.

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