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And the other big problem was that I used the word "interesting" about a million times. I did slip in the word "dichotomy" though. I just hope I don't come off as too much of a buffoon.

After the interview was over, I talked to Ted a little bit about working for Bunim-Murray. He's been with the company since the Seattle season, where he was a story editor. We discussed how the show has changed over the years, and how the cast members have become more aware of the camera. I didn't take notes, but I do remember one thing that he said very clearly in his own defense. He said that while they do cut things up and rearrange them in the editing room, they don't manufacture storylines wholesale. If you see something on the screen that seems out of place, it's because they are trying to represent emotions or instances, but don't have all the right footage. For example: during the Seattle season, while the group was in Nepal, they showed Stephen and Janet getting into a big fight, and then making up. He admitted that the make-up scene was not a result of that particular fight, but said that Stephen and Janet had a number of fights, and the editors felt that should be represented on-screen, as well as the fact that they eventually resolved their differences. The only fight footage they had was from Nepal, so that's what they used. He gave a number of other examples, but I think you get the point. I thought it was interesting to hear another point of view, anyway.

I asked Ted what the deal is with all the Space Needle shots in the Seattle season, like after a while don't they trust the viewers to understand where the season is set? He explained (as I suspected) that they have to edit the show so that the casual viewer can get just as much out of it as the dedicated viewer, and thus sometimes things are repeated. I said, "But three Space Needles per episode? It got more screen time than Rebecca!" He kind of chuckled.

When all was said and done, I wanted to get a picture of Ted and me for the record, but he turned me down. He just wasn't comfortable with it, which I respected, but I did manage to get in one last jab -- saying that it was just like how I wasn't comfortable talking about other websites. I think he got the point.

It was an interesting (see, there it is again!) and nerve-racking experience. It will be even weirder when the special airs (Ted said probably April or May) and I have to recap myself. Ooooh. Weird. I hope I'm not too mean. And I hope all the people in the forums take it easy on me!

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