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It's nighttime, and a group of villagers are singing and dancing. Rebecca voice-overs that the woman are beautiful, and their bodies are different. They're not "emaciated stick figures" and they show off their full bellies. I'm going to buy Rebecca a copy of The Beauty Myth for Christmas. She is seriously surprised that non-Western cultures don't worship anorexic females as ours does? One of the women puts her scarf on Rebecca's head, and all the villager women laugh at silly Rebecca. Dude, they are totally ripping on her. She pretends like they're laughing with her, and not at her. Rebecca and Irene dance with the women. Rebecca says she wants to learn as much about their culture as possible. Yeah, we'll see if she's all studying when she gets back to Seattle. I seem to remember her hooking up with Sir "Baby Got Back" Mix-A-Lot. Although, I guess he celebrates full figures too, doesn't he?

The next day, the gang goes white-water rafting. Stephen comments on how beautiful and peaceful the surroundings are, and says he wants some action. Cue shots of the raft taking on some rapids. Maybe Stephen will get vaulted overboard and hit his head on a rock! Oh, he's wearing a helmet. Too bad. Over shots of the roommates in the raft, Nathan voice-overs that they "went white-water rafting all day." Insert snide comment about how dumb the editors think we are here. Nathan says he doesn't know what he did to be so lucky, to get to do the cool things that he is doing. Join the club, Nate-dawg. Cue the footage of the roommates pushing each other into the water, acting zany and wacky. David points out a monkey up on the cliff. Nathan makes some monkey noises, and then says, "That's crazy. A monkey just sitting on a rock." If he got any dumber, he'd have to wear a helmet. Oh wait, he is wearing a helmet. Good.

The roommates are camping on a beach somewhere. Stephen is searching through his backpack, looking for his money. What, is there a 7-11 nearby, and he wants a Slurpee and a Charleston Chew? Why does he need his money? Stephen says, "I'm personally pissed off, if my money's gone." Except his lips say something totally different, like they just dubbed that sentence in over the backpack-searching shot to save time. In an interview, Janet tells us that Stephen left his backpack on a bus and the money from the front pocket was gone. Stephen grouses that he doesn't want anyone to lend him money, and it didn't just jump out of his bag. Rebecca asks how much it was. Stephen says it was three hundred twenty rupees, but it's the principle. In an interview, Janet informs us that the amount converts to about four dollars. Stephen says he thinks someone stole it. In an interview, Janet says that Stephen blamed the bus drivers and the Sherpas and went "out on a limb to blame everyone." Except himself. Stephen talks to some native guy, telling him about the money. The guy says he doesn't think any of their people took it. Stephen says he didn't think they did (liar!) and the guy says he will ask around. Stephen sits back down with the group and says it's annoying. David says philosophically, "What can you do?" Stephen says he's going to bitch about it. Well, that's productive. And not annoying. Or immature. Rebecca tries to empathize, saying she hates losing money. Stephen says he hates losing money, but he doesn't think that's what happened here. In an interview, Irene says that Stephen's behavior is "disappointing" and that he needs to "reevaluate a lot of the things that go out of his mouth before he says them." Word. Stephen says he's not accusing anyone of anything. Except he is. In an interview, Janet says that the next day, they got on the bus and his money was sitting right on the seat, and Stephen felt like a "complete idiot, which isn't unusual." Ha! Burn! For real, this time.

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