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Hey, I just figured out why Rebecca got so much screen time this week! They aren't in Seattle, so they can't show the Space Needle, and they had to fill that time with something. Why not Rebecca? The roommates pack up to go home. Mingma gives everyone a white cloth that David informs us is "a Buddhist memento of friendship." Finally, their plane takes off. Rebecca says that she is taking an experience away from Nepal that she will never forget. We see everyone on the airplane thinking. Or in Nathan's case, staring into space. He's like Puddy, just staring at the seat back in front of him. ["He's remembering the monkey on the rock and thinking, 'That chimp was all right.'" -- Wing Chun] Rebecca says that she will be happier for the rest of her life, and not many things can change you that way.

Hey, an actually useful shot of the Space Needle (number forty-eight of the season) informs us that they are back in Seattle. Stephen is hanging up prayer flags in their house, which seems kind of disrespectful. Janet laughs at him, but then admits that she thinks it's "kind of a neat idea." In a confessional, Stephen says that he was talking to Janet about changing his life, and he's ready for a change. Hey, I think that crazy kid just might do it! He's going to become a really good person, considerate and kind. Stephen and Janet are sitting outside, and Stephen apologizes (sort of) and says he has never, and will not ever, hurt anyone intentionally. And I believe it! Janet is glad they discussed it, because she really did feel he was out to get her. In an interview, Stephen says he wishes he could turn back time (like Cher!) and take it all back. Janet says that they should have had this conversation earlier. They hug. In an interview, Janet thinks that Stephen was glad to get it off his shoulders, and that this will be a new starting point. I really think it will be! I bet that for the rest of the season, Stephen will be much better. Don't you?

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