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Know Your Role

Irulan runs out of the room and calls Marc to ask him to meet with her. Marc shows up, and Arissa is there as well. For moral support? To have a cigarette? Have I mentioned that these people smoke a lot? Irulan says that it took her some time to figure out what was making her uncomfortable, and that she doesn't want her personal feelings to affect the job. Irulan says that for Marc to be both a friend and a boss has created a gray area. Marc says that they shouldn't interpret one night of flirting as something devious, and that he has no ulterior motive. He enjoys hanging out with them and will miss them when they're gone, and he just wants to have fun. Irulan says that there is a discrepancy between Marc's intentions and the way they are received, and that she won't be putting herself in a position where the line is unclear. In a confessional, Irulan says that she knows she has to be clearer about the signals she is sending out, and that she won't be in a compromising position with Marc or anyone. Marc asks them to give him the benefit of the doubt. Irulan promises to come to him if anything like this comes up again, which she's sure it won't. Marc kind of walks away. Irulan tells him that they're cool, and he walks over to the elevator to leave.

Next week: It looks like Brynn gets jealous of Steven and Trishelle, which somehow leads to a physical fight between Steven and Brynn. There may be airborne utensils. And Steven wants Brynn out of the house. Man, so much drama, so early.

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