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Know Your Role

Brynn drops the roommates off somewhere, and she and Frank leave in the van. Trishelle, Steven, Arissa, Irulan, and Alton hang out. Trishelle asks Arissa if Frank drove her crazy last night, which leads me to believe that Frank might be wrong about how they love to joke around together. Arissa tells them that Frank told a friend that Arissa was the black bitch in the house. The roommates are all shocked. Alton is really angry. In an interview, Arissa says that her roommates' reactions are adding "gasoline to the fire." Arissa asks them all to back her up, because if she "goes to lunch on somebody," she doesn't want to get kicked out. I think I need an Arissa-to-English translator. In an interview, Alton says that he's pissed. Pissed! Because Arissa is his girl! Even though we haven't really seen them say two words to each other.

Everyone is pissed now that they know what Frank said. Arissa is looking around! Trishelle's hair is messy! Wait, Trishelle's hair is always messy. Brynn and Frank return in the van to pick them up. Alton talks about how pissed he is. Arissa asks him not to talk to Frank right now. In an interview, Steve says that even though Arissa asked Alton not to say anything to Frank, Alton did it anyway. Alton and Frank walk through the casino. Alton asks what "the 'black bitch' thing" is about. Frank is silent. Alton tells him that if it was a joke, "it's a crass-assed joke." I am so adopting "crass-assed" into my vocabulary. Alton is disappointed. Frank is shocked. Alton talks about how hard it is for Arissa to be a black woman in this society. Frank says that he's really sorry, and that he didn't mean to disrespect anyone, and he knows now that he took it too far. In an interview, Alton says that it only took them "fifty-eight seconds to get to the bottom of it," because "Frank's a good guy." Also, because I think Frank honestly meant it as a joke, and didn't know that it might be offensive. I mean, it's an incredibly unfunny joke, but then again, it's Frank -- he of little personality. Frank claims that he doesn't know what is okay to joke about. Arissa gets into the elevator with them and starts yelling at Alton for not giving her the chance to talk to Frank first. So then they get into an argument over who should have been allowed to get into an argument with Frank first and I am already so tired of this subplot.

When they walk out, Arissa sits down, and Frank asks if they're going to talk about it later. Arissa wants to talk about it now, and Frank is all for that. Arissa explains why Frank's remark was so hurtful to her, mainly because a lot of white people have called her a black bitch. Frank tries to say that he doesn't think she's bitchy. Arissa calms down a bit and explains that Frank can't just throw out the black thing for no reason, because "there's a fine line." Frank says that he didn't know, and he apologizes to her; he says he is especially sorry that she's been upset about it for twelve hours and he didn't know, which was kind of a passive-aggressive thing to say. But not as passive-aggressive as what Arissa says next when Frank asks for a hug: "I don't want my black bitchiness to rub off on you." Even if she was joking, that was kind of a shitty thing to say. Frank is confused about whether things are cool between them or not, and Arissa claims that she's fine and she was just joking. Whatever. She's clearly still upset about it, and she should either accept his apology and drop it, or tell him that she's still upset and needs to cool off for a while. In an interview, Frank says that he needs to start thinking a lot more about the words he says before he says them. Yes, Frank, that's a good policy in life.

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