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Las Vegas Strip

Frank stands in the bathroom and clenches his jaw. There's practically steam shooting out of his ears. The funniest part is that, behind him in the mirror, you can see some old dude at the urinal. I wonder if that guy signed a release. Frank stomps out of the bathroom. In a confessional, Frank says he thought that Trishelle was digging him, but it fell apart like everything else in his life. He has a lot of buried rage. Steven and Trishelle are still making out. In a confessional, Frank says that he completely misjudged Trishelle and Steven because "[Trishelle] is trash and Steven is trash." They intercut shots of Steven and Trishelle on the dance floor with some kind of bizarre sex show on stage. Steven tells Trishelle that they are going to hell.

Frank tells Alton what happened, and Alton can't believe it. Frank has red spots on his cheeks because he's so angry. In a confessional, Frank says that Steven only cares about himself. Frank asks Alton why Steven would shame him like that. Alton walks over and pulls Steven off Trishelle, who makes a "whatever" face. Alton tells Steven that Frank hates Steven right now. Steven screeches, "I'm drunk!" Alton says that Frank is "a real-ass person." Steven says he didn't mean any disrespect and wants to talk to Frank. Alton doesn't advise that. Steven rubs his nose a lot, and I'm not going to make any allegations, but I'll let you draw your own conclusions there. In an interview, Steven says that he's stupid and weak when it comes to women. Well, that's a choice that he makes.

Back up in the suite, Steven and Frank have a screaming match in the confessional. Trishelle listens outside. Frank says it's obvious that Trishelle wasn't into him, and that they don't need to debate that. Steven keeps asking if Frank thinks he meant to disrespect him. Yes? Frank says that Steven values hooking up with a good-looking girl more than his friendship with Frank. ["His deep, meaningful two-day friendship with Frank." -- Wing Chun] Trishelle walks in and asks them to stop. They all stare at each other for a while. Trishelle and Steven smile at each other goonily. They talk some more, but we unfortunately don't get to hear the conversation. Trishelle voice-overs that she doesn't want Frank to be hurt more than he already is. Frank asks why they made out not just in front of him, but also on top of him. In an interview, Steven says he's not sorry about his actions, but he's sorry about the way it happened. Shut up, Steven. Trishelle says that they're all just friends. Well, she missed out on the amount of time Steven spent convincing Frank that Trishelle was into him. Trishelle says that she's trying to be honest, and that they should be able to kiss whoever they want to. Trishelle grabs Steven's face and says that "it's there." They nearly start making out again. Frank says that he doesn't want them to be uncomfortable or feel like they have to hide anything from him. Steven points out that they weren't hiding anything. Frank asks them to leave so that he can piss himself and cry. Aw. And also, ew.

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