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Las Vegas Strip

Irulan and Arissa are hanging out with some middle-aged guy who claims that he's "happily divorced." Well, if he wasn't before, I'm sure he will be as of 9 AM tomorrow. The guy bankrolls Arissa and Irulan at the blackjack table. They win money. I kind of thought Arissa was kidding about that older-rich-man thing. In an interview, Irulan says that she and Arissa have the potential to have an "amazing bond." The girls cash in their chips and each walk away with around $75. They return upstairs and share their good news.

Meanwhile, Trishelle and Steven are making out in the confessional. Trishelle sucks on Steven's thumb. This is like porn. Trishelle asks Steven if he wants to go to bed. She leads the way into her bedroom, wearing a black teddy. They slide into bed and start kissing. Frank angrily drinks a glass of water in the bathroom. I didn't know it was possible to drink a glass of water angrily, but I have seen it with my own eyes. Steven and Trishelle make out some more. In an interview, Frank says he thinks that sex should be shared between people who care about each other a lot. ["Or, at the most, three. And a camera crew. Oh, and a sound guy. And a tape logger. Actually, never mind." -- Wing Chun] Arissa walks through and comments on the sex noises coming from Trishelle's room. The girls go in and pull the blankets off the couple, who giggle and protest. Arissa points out that there are "mad cameras," so they should go ahead and "make [their] porn." So they can't say they weren't warned. Steven and Trishelle protest. In an interview, Steven says that Trishelle is sweet and beautiful. Brynn tosses a handful of condoms under the curtain in the doorway, and then stands outside and listens in. Frank angrily drinks some more water.

This season: Steven likes Trishelle because she's adventurous. Trishelle, Brynn, and Steven make out while people watch. Steven says you should always use condoms. Someone takes a pregnancy test. Steven says he's not ready to be a father. The roommates have a job where they throw parties. Surprisingly, they get docked pay and are told they have a terrible work ethic. They travel to Australia. Brynn might hook up with Irulan. Alton might be in love with Irulan. Alton hooks up with another chick. Brynn and Steven get in a fight. Brynn tells her mom that she threw a fork at one of her roommates. Steven tells Brynn that he wants her gone. Ooooooh! Looks like a winner. I leave you with one question. What the fuck is wrong with these people?

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