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In an interview, Frank says that he doesn't know if things will work out between him and Trishelle, because he's not aggressive. Frank and Trishelle hang out on a bed and talk. Frank puts his hand on the back of her thigh. Normally, I would think that was a pretty bold move for the first night, in a roommate situation. But later events will make me realize that I was sadly mistaken.

Morning. It could be the next morning. It could be like three weeks later. Who knows? The guys go to the gym to work out while Elvis Presley sings about "Girls, Girls, Girls." Alton and Steven get Frank to admit that he likes Trishelle. Steven agrees to pass Trishelle a note after recess. Alton thinks that Frank and Trishelle have a connection. Steven demonstrates how Trishelle's body language suggests that she's into Frank. Steven must have been doing a lot of staring at Trishelle to be able to replicate her body language like that. In an interview, Steven says that Trishelle is a very sexy girl. Steven continues to assure Frank that Trishelle is into him. Frank says he's fine with that. Cue montage of Frank and Trishelle talking for, like, two seconds. Yeah, she's totally into him. In a confessional, Frank says that Trishelle is gorgeous, and he wouldn't be opposed to "doing something with her." Dude is so out of his league.

Brynn and Trishelle ride in a cab somewhere. Trishelle asks Brynn what she thinks about Frank. Brynn thinks he's a nice guy, and asks what Trishelle thinks. Trishelle -- who brought it up -- gets all offended that everyone thinks she's into Frank. ["That reminds me of this girl at my high school who was pale and short and had dark hair and would come up to you and go, 'Do I look like Winona Ryder?' And you'd go, 'Sure, I guess.' And she'd get all huffy and whine, 'Everyone always tells me that!' Really? Like, when you ask them directly? I hate that shit. But at least she was in high school at the time. Trishelle has no excuse." -- Wing Chun] Brynn says that Steven thinks Trishelle and Frank are cute together. So we've heard. In an interview, Trishelle says that Frank is a nice guy and has a lot of qualities she likes. That's known as damning with faint praise. Meanwhile, Steven (who is way too into this) assures Frank again that Frank's hooking up with Trishelle is a done deal. Frank looks like he wants to believe it but doesn't dare. Steven says that if Frank and Trishelle hook up, it will keep Steven out of trouble. In an interview, Steven (with a terrible hairstyle) says that hanging out with the guys will keep him out of trouble. Maybe that's why he works in a gay bar -- so he won't be forced to cheat on his wife. Trishelle tells Brynn that when she first saw Steven, she thought he was hot, but then she talked to him. Heh. In an interview, Trishelle says that Steven doesn't have all of the qualities she wants in a guy, but that he's cute. In an interview, Steven laughs and says that if he's hanging out with the guys, he won't be sticking his...nose in places where it doesn't belong. I've never seen a guy so in need of a cold shower.

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