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Let's All Gang Up On Annoying!

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Let's All Gang Up On Annoying!

Annoying and Tony are eating cereal and reading horoscopes out of some magazine. What is with Annoying and the astrology? Meanwhile, Colin is sitting at the computer, trying to ignore them. To everything Annoying says, Tony replies, "That's kinda true." He doesn't seem like the sharpest tool in the shed. In a confessional, Annoying tells us that she clicked with Tony instantly. Colin tells us that it's obvious to him that those two are going to hook up. They read horoscopes some more.

Tony and Annoying walk along the wall in the surf. My boyfriend thought they were going to be sucked out to sea and he started cheering. Alas, they reach the beach safely. In a confessional, Colin tells us that Tony becomes idiotic around women. Then he says, "You don't stand in line for seconds. Your best friend's already been there. He puts women in front of his friends and that's pathetic." I do think it was mean of Tony to ignore Colin when he was supposed to be visiting him, but Colin is getting a little too fired up about this for someone who doesn't care anymore. Tony also may be missing the top of his skull. You wouldn't know because he always wears a baseball cap.

Colin, Annoying and Tony swim in the pool. Annoying tells us that Colin liked her but he couldn't open up to her about it so it's hard for him to see his friend show interest. Keep telling yourself that, Annoying. Colin tries to put out the poolside volcano by yelling at it. Believe it or not, he is not successful. Annoying tells us she doesn't want to hurt Colin, but that he's slowly getting bitter. Colin says, "It doesn't take a lot to attract Amaya to a guy. It's amusing to hear her say, 'I don't know, we just clicked.' You click with anybody with a twig and berries." Hee! It's sad but true. That night, Annoying is in the bed in the middle of the living room and Tony crawls in while Colin is on the phone. Colin goes to bed as well. Annoying says (again) that she isn't trying to make him jealous. The lights go out and we hear Annoying giggling, then some kissing noises and then Annoying kind of moans and it's a good thing there's a commercial because I run to the bathroom and get sick.

The next morning, the alarm clock goes off and Annoying turns it off. Annoying tells us that they fell asleep talking and nothing happened. Annoying and Tony get up and get dressed. Tony goes in to say goodbye to Colin, who is dead asleep. I find it kind of strange that Annoying is taking him to the airport or wherever. In a confessional, Colin tells us that Tony's hooking up with Amaya isn't a big deal, but he told him not to and he did it anyway. He hopes that Tony will learn not to put women before friends. While I agree that friendship is important and Tony acted like a jerk, I think Colin is a little too attached to his male friends. Annoying drives Tony somewhere (it doesn't look like the airport) and they hug goodbye.

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