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Let's All Gang Up On Annoying!

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Let's All Gang Up On Annoying!

When Annoying returns, Tetanus Girl and Wonder Bread are waiting for her. As soon as she's in the door, Tetanus Girl asks her what she did last night. Tetanus Girl is lying on the hardwood floor -- yeah, that looks comfy. Annoying says that she "chilled." Wonder Bread says, "Chilled -- a word which means many, many things in this house." Hey, Wonder Bread, who asked ya? Annoying says she went in the hot tub. Tetanus Girl says, "Not alone." Why are they all in her business? If Colin wanted to be, that would make sense. But I don't know who appointed these two the hookup police. Annoying says she doesn't know if she was alone, trying to evade the question. Tetanus Girl says, really meanly, "You do know -- either you did or you didn't." Okay, counselor, could you approach the bench? Why is Annoying on trial? And why am I defending her? Oh, I can't wait until this season is over. Anyway, Annoying says she did go in the hot tub alone. Tetanus Girl tells us in a confessional that Annoying purposely tried to hurt Colin and it disgusts her. What. Ever. Annoying looks shocked at the busybodiness of her housemates.

Ruthie, Colin, Tetanus Girl and Wonder Bread are eating lunch at some restaurant. It appears they have called to order the first meeting of the "Trash Amaya" club. ["I assume that Kim's invitation was lost in the mail." -- Wing Chun] Colin says that he assumes that people are smart enough to see through her crap. Wonder Bread says it took him a while because he gave Annoying every opportunity and tried to be nice and then found out about that she "talks crap." ["Considering the source, that is very ironic." -- Wing Chun] Colin thinks that most people in the house have tried to be nice but it doesn't work. Wonder Bread says that he was nice but it turned negative. Actually, he is usually pretty mean to Amaya. The only time he was remotely nice is when he was trying to tell her that Colin was dicking her around. Colin says that every opportunity to be nice turns into Annoying's talking trash about you or her trying to screw you. While I do think Amaya is Annoying, I don't think she is particularly vindictive, and I don't get where all this is coming from. Tetanus Girl tells us that Colin is happy he learned a lesson, but he's upset that it was in front of others. Throughout this episode, Tetanus Girl tells us what Colin is thinking. What, does she have some sort of Being John Malkovich pipeline to his brain? Wonder Bread says that "Tony the Tiger was all for cuddling." Matt, shut up. Tetanus Girl has on a halter top that ties around the neck with a regular bra so that the straps are hanging right out. That looks classy. She says, "It wasn't one was confused it was like, a special moment." Again, what the hell is she talking about? Wonder Bread says, "You don't cuddle with a guy frequently, like the guy, and then the moment his friend comes to town, attempt to bang around with him." This morality lesson has been brought to you by Wonder Bread.

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