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Let's All Gang Up On Annoying!

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Let's All Gang Up On Annoying!

Back at the house, Annoying asks Colin if he wants any popcorn. Colin is practicing the time-honored eighth-grade tradition of not speaking to her even though she is asking him a direct question. Annoying asks if he will talk to her, if he's going to be mad at her forever, and if he's going to be annoyed with her forever. He doesn't answer and she kind of shrugs and walks away. Tetanus Girl uses her Colin-mind-reading powers to tell us that Colin is genuinely hurt and by making comments that he is not hurt, he is trying to cover up the fact that he is. Colin says, "Amaya ties her feelings, whether she's happy [sic], to whether she's intimate with a man or not and that's pathetic." I think I said that like four or five recaps ago. Annoying says that she does want to talk to Colin because nothing happened between her and Tony.

Ruthie and Wonder Bread are talking. Wonder Bread has on sunglasses indoors, for no reason. Ruthie says she learned, from going through break-ups, that she shouldn't dwell on the break-up. Wonder Bread says that she's "rebounding" with Malo. Ruthie says that she's not. In a confessional, Wonder Bread says that "Ruthie enjoys kissing Malo." All I have to say is that I would like Wonder Bread to keep both hands in plain sight of the camera during this confessional. He goes on to say that Ruthie's been without affection for so long that she's going to hang on to Malo and then once she gets her feet back on the ground, she'll go find another meaningful relationship. In other words, Ruthie is using Malo. I don't know why he couldn't just say that. Ruthie says that some people mistake lust for love. Thanks, Plato. There's a philosophy of life I've never heard before.

Ruthie and Malo are walking on the beach at night. Ruthie tells us that their relationship is no one's business. The two of them are sitting on a pier and then they strip down and jump into the water. Ruthie says she cares about Malo, but "I'm just chilling." What is it with these people and chilling? You'd think they were in Alaska instead of Hawaii. Ruthie asks Malo if they are going back to her place, and says it doesn't have to be complicated. Ruthie is kind of like a guy.

A hard rock guitar riff lets us know that the shit is about to hit the fan. In the kitchen, Annoying asks Colin to please talk to her and tries to stand in his way so that he can't ignore her. He says no and keeps pushing her out of the way. Are they four years old? Annoying tries massaging Colin's shoulders and telling him to loosen up and he pushes her off him and says he is going to the confessional. After he leaves, Annoying starts whining to Tetanus Girl about how no one will talk to her. Tetanus Girl says she's making a big deal out of nothing and not to try so hard, but in a very dismissive way. Annoying says she's "trying to talk to [Kaia] toooo and you keep going away tooooo." Tetanus Girl walks out of the room and yells back that Annoying sounds desperate. Annoying says she's not. Colin is in the confessional room, chowing down his dinner.

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