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Let's All Gang Up On Annoying!

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Let's All Gang Up On Annoying!

There is dramatic choral music, and we see a cliff diver. Then we see Annoying crying really hard while on the phone with her mom. She whines to Mommy about how mean everyone is being to her, and how alienated she feels and how she wants to come home. Her mom really doesn't help -- she just keeps saying, "Whyyy? Whyyy are they maaaad?" In a confessional, Annoying says that she has tried to put on a happy face and act as strong as she can. That sentence is intercut with shots of her crying to her mom. Get it? She's saying she's strong and yet bawling her eyes out? As I've said before, the producers must hate her. Annoying says she hates that they have been breaking her down and she will not let these people ruin her. We see the cliff diver again and more dramatic music.

Annoying asks Ruthie if they can talk outside. Ruthie tells us that Annoying is looking for an ally because everyone in the house is against her, and since Ruthie went through the same thing, she gets tapped. Or it could be because she's already gotten shot down by everyone else and Teck isn't home. Ruthie says she was upset about getting kicked out, but it made her reflect. She asks Annoying why she was so negative when Ruthie first returned to the house. Annoying says she was scared that Ruthie would blame them all for kicking her out. Ruthie asks how being so negative was supposed to help her and Annoying agrees that she was wrong. Ruthie tells Annoying that now she knows how it feels to be so alienated and have no one to turn to, and says that you get back what you put out, so maybe this is Annoying's karmic justice. In a confessional, Ruthie says that she was the only one in the house who chose not to talk crap about Amaya, which is ironic since Amaya was so mean to her when she first got back. Ruthie tells Annoying to think positively and have fun, and not to care what the others think. Annoying says that she's not going to let it get to her anymore. They hug and Annoying says that she wants to rise above her housemates' devious behavior.

Annoying walks up to Wonder Bread, who is of course wearing his GREEN SHIRT! She asks him what is going on. Wonder Bread, in typical wordy fashion, says, "There are many individuals in this house who feel you've done a lot of talking behind their [sic] back and being sweet to their [sic] face." He finishes by saying that now no one trusts her. Does anyone else think it's a bit hypocritical of Wonder Bread to get angry about someone talking behind people's backs? ["Hey, I did! I said so a bunch of paragraphs ago! -- Wing Chun] Isn't that his sole purpose on the show, pretty much? Annoying asks why this came up, all of a sudden and Wonder Bread says that it wasn't sudden. Annoying asks if the general consensus is that everyone hates her and no one answers. Okay, I felt bad for her at this point. She's just so pathetic and they are totally ganging up on her.

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