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Let's All Gang Up On Annoying!

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Let's All Gang Up On Annoying!

Annoying turns to Tetanus Girl, who acts like she wants nothing less than to have a conversation with Annoying, yet she didn't leave the room. Instead, she stood right there while Annoying was talking to Wonder Bread, just waiting for her chance to get some camera time. Tetanus Girl proceeds to act all fake-dramatic, I think on purpose to make fun of Annoying. It bugs me. Annoying asks what she has done to Tetanus Girl that is causing something so negative. In a confessional, (and one that was used extensively at the beginning of the season I might point out), Tetanus Girl says something about being sick of Annoying and Colin and all the drama. Tetanus Girl and Wonder Bread start joking around as if Annoying isn't even standing there, talking about how no one wants to talk to her. In a confessional, Tetanus Girl says that she's acted this way all along and she is surprised that Annoying is shocked. Annoying talks to Colin who says she shouldn't talk about him behind his back because no one likes her and they will always take his side. Could they be any meaner at this point? Colin says that he kept his complaints about their relationship to himself and she should have as well. Annoying says she wasn't trying to make Colin look bad, and that doing so was never her intention. Then she lays it all out on the table: "I am sorry from the bottom of my heart. I'm sorry. I want to be your friend again." Colin says he accepts her apology but he doesn't want to be her friend. Annoying says, "I can't believe this. I cannot believe this." A sign flashes on the screen: To Be Continued...

Next week: Wonder Bread thinks the last show at Local Motion should be about "us," but I don't know what that means. Annoying is ready to go home, and she demonstrates it by hiding behind ugly curtains. Wonder Bread and Tetanus Girl have a secret: they're actually robots. Or they are having some sort of relationship and I'm just warning you right now -- they kissed in the preview! Ew! Ew! They are all sitting around and Colin yells that Tetanus Girl wants Wonder Bread and everyone laughs and Wonder Bread is wearing the GREEN SHIRT! I swear, they put that episode together just so that I would have a rough last recap.

Over the credits: Tetanus Girl takes photos of Teck (in his second appearance this episode) jumping into the pool, and he flashes her.

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