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Like a Virgin

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Like a Virgin

Back to the grill session. Julie asks Norman, "Is he big, Norman?" Beat. Norman: "He looks it." Julie rolls her eyes. "I'm talking about height, Norman!" Everyone cracks up. And somehow, I think not. You know what they say -- the bigger the hair, the smaller the blowdryer.

Kevin, Heather and Julie stroll the streets of NYC. In Kevin and Julie's respective one-on-ones, they talk about how much they like one another. To Julie, Kevin is like a brother, who's teaching her so much. To Kevin, Julie is someone very innocent and special, whom he hopes doesn't get corrupted by the Big, Bad City or the loft residents. Umm, Kevin? Mickey Rourke called, and he wants his bad-boy complex back. Get over yourself!

Kevin at Penn Station, picking up his girlfriend. They kiss as "Love Will Never Do Without You" by Janet "Miss Jackson If You're Nasty" plays. His girlfriend is really pretty. Her name is Kasimi (sp?), I think -- and Kevin says he loves her very much, and how they have a lot in common, both being interested in the arts. He also talks about how she's really open about wanting a family, and since he's only thirty (at this point, writing appears above his head that says, "He's only 26!") he wants to start thinking about that too. Anyway. Blah blah blah strong womancakes. Kasimi yap yap yap. Kasimi's a strong woman like Kevin's mom. But Kasimi can open up her sensitive side more, unlike Kevin's mom.

Next -- in a supreme example of super-subtle Bunim-Murray editing -- we get a montage of Kevin's mom being silent, her rather sterile kitchen, Kevin sitting and looking muy uncomfortable, and unused pots on the stove top.

Kevin talks about his dad. His dad and mom weren't married, and he showed up occasionally until Kevin was eight, and at that point he essentially disowned Kevin and told his mom that Kevin wasn't his son. Kevin says that's marked him and made him ultra-aware of being as responsible as possible.

House meeting. Julie tells the house that the point of this living experiment was so they could learn about one another, and that it worked the first few weeks, but everyone's taking off their own separate ways, and maybe they need to just sit down together and have some enforced get-to-know-ya time. Kevin almost gets a nose bleed from his high horse as he informs Julie that they all have their careers and bills to worry about after this living experiment is over, and that she's the only one with time to worry about this kind of thing. Julie very kindly does not chuck a lamp at his head, which would have been my first response.

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