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Like a Virgin

Then Eric Nies gets all Sensitive New Age Guy and confesses that he'd like to get to know them all better, but he's scared it'll pull him "away from what I'm really trying to do with my life." Huh. Why do I get the feeling Eric's been listening to those "Living, Loving and Learning" audiotapes again? Andre suggests they have a set dinner time together, maybe on Sundays. Kevin says he's down with that, and that he'll even cook the first dinner. Ruh-roh. Izzat foreshadowing, or what?

Next scene. The caption "Unseasonably Bad Weather" appears as we see Andre, Julie, and Norman frolicking in the snow to the market. Then -- BARFORAMA -- we see Julie licking a big snowball. She tells Norman cheerfully, "When you think about it, it's just like a big sno-cone!" Norman, very seriously, tells her, "Don't. Eat. The snow. IN NEW YORK." Julie: listen to the man.

Julie's one-on-one. She talks about how that Sunday dinner no one wanted to leave the loft or go to the store, and that going to the store with "these people" is the biggest ordeal imaginable. More boring shots of them in the store, bickering like they're all married. Oh, by the way -- everyone hates Eric. At the cash register, Julie does a good job of faking Norman out by telling him she's only got three dollars on her.

Uh-oh! Norman's one-on-one. He says part of the deal with them going to the market is that the crew at home would tape Star Trek, but as it turnsssssnoooooooooooore. Oh. Sorry. Anyway, his one-on-one is intercut with Heather telling Norman that Star Trek wasn't on when he said it was, and Norman saying yes it is, because look, duh, it's ending right now. I think we've got Trouble with a capital T, that rhymes with P, that stands for Pissed Off. Norman is pretty upset. He admits he is obsessed with Star Trek. Andre tosses Norman a Twinkie to placate him with sugar. Eric suddenly reinserts that icicle he keeps as a rectal thermometer and snits at Norman, "Hello -- we're about to have dinner! You shouldn't be eating a Twinkie before we have dinner." Norman ostentatiously shoves the Twinkie in his mouth. Eric gets even snittier. It's pretty funny, watching him turn into Donna Reed. There is a very visible pall hangin' over this dinner crew.

Eric: "Becky was cooking. Andre was cooking. Kevin...I don't know where he was." Yeah, so much for that "responsibility" crapola. Julie reiterates what Eric just said in her one-on-one, but tries to excuse Kevin by saying he had a lot on his mind and the dinner didn't rank very high. Becky's one-on-one. She's pissed. And bummed. Shots of the boo-hoo-me-too crew sitting around the table, looking glum. Eric tells us how since Kevin didn't show up for dinner that night, they decided to all play a joke on him. " worked."

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