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Like a Virgin

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Like a Virgin

Kevin keeps mumbling, "This seems sort of abrupt." Andre tells him it's been happening for a while, he just hasn't been there to see it. Kevin keeps asking Julie when/how/why this happened, and Julie drawls something she ripped off of some Marlene Dietrich movie about feeling "overwhelmed...the rain...the seasons." Kevin shakes his head and tells her he thought she was the last sincere person on the planet. She smiles enigmatically and says, "Well, we're the last of a dying breed, you know."

Kevin, thinking he's being discreet, mouths at her, "Are you still a virgin?" across the dinner table. OKAY. Someone. Please. KILL HIM. What the hell?

Julie smiles smarmily and shakes her head no. Norman pipes in, "Fourth date! He was a big, strapping young buck." I think Kevin should take his concern with Julie's secret garden and shove it up his ass -- when did he become guardian of her hymen? He looks appalled. Close-ups of everyone eating. Everyone then leaves the table. Then Julie seductively turns her gaze to Kevin. He gets uncomfortable and asks if she's really changing her image. He tells her it's not her, and that if she's not true to herself, she can't be true to anyone else. She tells him, "It's still me," and that she has to grow up sometime. Cooing, she says, "I'm still nice. I'm nicer." Julie is definitely doing the best of anyone with her dialogue. She gets up and says she has to change clothes.

Kevin talks about seeing other people move to the city and totally change their personalities, but seeing Julie do a 360 [sic] freaked him out, and he had to leave. So he does. Norman calls out, "Kevin's leaving!" and Julie runs after him, dressed in tap pants, a blazer, and a bra. Apparently Becky has been loaning out her wardrobe.

Next week: the joke backfires, and we deal with endless Eric Nies re-enactments.

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