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Lost In Boston

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Lost In Boston

Back at the firehouse, Sean and Syrus smoke cigars in the bathroom (yucky! Now there's something actually worth having a fight over) and Sean complains about how "whacked" everybody is. Sean thinks meeting people and learning new words like that one is really "funky," I'll bet. Kameelah walks by and confronts, "When you're done trying to talk behind my back, I'm upstairs." And so we cut to their little quarrel. Sean apologizes unapologetically, telling Kameelah that he felt "attacked" by her haughty approach to accessing public transportation, and Kameelah responds that Sean "cannot listen to anyone." Sean retorts thusly: "From day one, you've rolled your eyes a lot at me," and we cut to a visually informative montage of four or five billion shots of Kameelah -- just in case the expression "eye rolling" lacks enough description for you -- rolling her eyes. Oh, eye ROLLing. I get it now. Sean tells Kameelah that she "walk[s] around here with a lot of attitude," and they fail to resolve the central issue of the argument, settling instead for the following truce. They agree that (a) they might not be able to remain roommates and (b) they hate each other a little. So who emerges as the victor here? My vote is for whoever successfully navigated them all home, took the issue directly to the person she (or, um, he) had the problem with, and managed to do so without pronouncing himself (or, um, herself) the court jester of Dorksville and scaring away the neighborhood children by wearing the next in a collection of grotesquely ugly hats. The winner, clearly, is Kameelah.

Night-time over Boston. Y'all better take pains to get inside before it gets too cold out there. Like it could get one full degree colder before human life as we know it completely ceases to exist. Kameelah lies forlornly in bed while Montana sits bedside, each talking about their problematic relationships with their fathers. Montana has never met her father and doesn't want to. Kameelah is mad that her dad "got remarried, and this woman had a child. Yeah, so you're married taking care of another woman's child." Hmmm. Hey, y'know, I didn't grow up in the Kameelah house and all so I can't make judgments on the comparative amount of pain it caused her to end up in a single-parent situation, but do y'all mind if I take this opportunity to conduct a quick, informal readers' poll? Okay, here it is: Stand up if you had a perfect, parentally unproblematic childhood. Who? Anyone? Don't be shy. Cast your vote. Hey, why is everyone still sitting? See why this is boring?

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