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Lost In Boston

Montana's confessional tells us that she feels "Syrus is one person in the house [she has] not connected with," re-treading his inability to believe a woman has been raped. Over in the living room, Montana and Elka have a little discussion about a rapist getting the gas chamber. Jason slides in and interrupts at just about the wrongest freakin' moment I can imagine and sermonizes that, in the back of their minds, "you've already convicted Syrus." Apparently, another version of this story (the false one, I think) has it that the girl who accused Syrus of rape later retracted her statement. Eh? As if we were supposed to give any real credence to Syrus's side of the argument, we cut to him at a phone booth beginning a conversation, "You remember that whole, like, rape thing?" The truth of the matter, as he puts it, is that "women do cry wolf." The argument that I really do agree with, though, takes place in another newly-appearing room, where Sean and Genesis sit on the floor and listen to Montana. Get a load of this rare, fleeting display of lucidity: "He says that women shouldn't just be able to say that they were raped and have nobody question them. Just the same as I'm not going to listen to Syrus's story and go, 'Oh, poor guy!'" At this inappropriate moment, Syrus walks into the room, which he probably just found for the first time as well. He tells everyone to "chill" and makes them a time-elapsed cocktail. He and Montana continue that they have had different experiences, and now "it's gonna be in the back of both of our minds." Montana consoles, "I don't hate you, but like you said, it's gonna be in the back of our minds and what can you do? What's there is there." In truth, they're both wrong. 'Cause they both like Sean.

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