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Love Hangover

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Love Hangover

The roommates go out to a club. Landon and Shavonda bump and grind on the dance floor. Landon interviews that Shavonda and Shaun have broken up and Shavonda is free to do what she wants. Sarah interviews that she thinks Shaun gave Shavonda a lot of comfort, but that's not the best thing to base a relationship on. Landon orders some shots for himself and Shavonda. Sarah interviews that Shavonda is realizing that there's more out there, and she wants to experience it. The bartender tells Shavonda that he'll let her group drink free for the whole night if she will "do the banana." I don't know what that means, and I don't want to know. But it looks like I'm about to find out. Shavonda agrees and climbs up on the bar. The bartender peels a giant banana and tops it with whipped cream. He tells her that she can't use her hands and she can't bite. He holds the banana at crotch level and Shavonda deep throats it while her roommates cheer her on. Man. I mean free drinks are great and all, but that's a little...much.

Landon gives Shavonda a ride on his shoulders as they walk home. Shavonda asks if she went really far down on the banana. Landon responds, "You went to the whipped cream and I was proud of you for that." Hee! He sounds so serious. Landon admits that it turned him on a little bit. Shavonda interviews that Landon told her that he has a crush on her, and that she thinks she might reciprocate it. We don't actually hear Landon say those words, but I think it's true.

MJ drunk-dials Ashley, his ex-girlfriend and tells her how beautiful she is. He slurs that someone in the house keeps throwing herself at him, and that it's Sarah. Ashley asks what MJ does about that. Sarah tries to listen in from her bedroom. MJ whispers to Ashley that he loves her. Then he yells, "No, I didn't mean it! I didn't mean it! I'm drunk." She doesn't seem too upset about it as she tells him that he's mean. MJ says he doesn't, but he does, but he doesn't. That is the definition of mixed messages. MJ interviews that his feelings for Ashley go deeper than he would like to admit, and that she's always in the back of his mind. Sarah interviews that she and MJ are friends, so Ashley might view their hookups as something more than physical. Sarah adds that when MJ is drunk, he has told her to watch out for him "in a sexual way." Sarah giggles that she loves to be naughty, because it gets her riled up. MJ crawls into bed with Sarah and pulls the covers over them. I think we can all imagine what happens next, much as we may not want to.

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