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Making Excuses

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Making Excuses

The next morning, while they all get ready for work, Brad tells Robin that he doesn't want to get into a fight now, but that he wants Robin to know that it's not like he can't take a hit. Robin is all smiles, and says that she was just kidding. Brad says that, in the middle of an argument, Robin hit him four times. Robin says that she only hit him once. Brad says that she hit him three times with her purse and once with her hand. Robin apologizes insincerely, says that sometimes she doesn't want to discuss things, and that she just wants Brad to shut up. Brad says that he won't take it. Robin apologizes, but then says that she wouldn't do it under other circumstances. I guess she means she wouldn't do it if she wasn't drunk. She doesn't seem to get that apologizing and then offering an explanation diminishes the apology. Brad interviews that Robin thinks she can do whatever she wants, and then make excuses. Robin gets upset and starts babbling something about how every time she's gotten in a fight, it's been because she was trying to help someone. So who was she trying to help by hitting Brad? Randy interviews that Robin doesn't get it, and that her apologies are insincere, because she doesn't try to see the other person's side. Randy tells Robin that they have to watch out for each other. Robin can't even form a full sentence at this point, and Randy points out that she's still just making excuses. Robin interviews that Randy won't shut up and listen to her. Robin yells something about "poor innocent Cameran," and runs away. I do see what the roommates are saying about Robin's lame apologies, but I don't get why she has to be Cameran's protector.

Frankie talks to Dave on the phone and says that she's lonely and scared. Dave asks why she's scared, and Frankie says she's scared of losing him, because he's already talked about splitting up with her. Oh, give him a guilt trip because you're a nutbag. Dave points out that Frankie talked about flirting with other guys, and that if she wants to do that, it's okay, but that he's not about to sit home and wait around for her. Frankie interviews that she met Adam for a reason. To show her that she's not happy being in a relationship? Actually, Frankie thinks it's to prove that Dave is the one for her. What? I don't know. I've given up trying to follow her thought process. Frankie wants Dave to promise that if he sees something on the show that is "open for interpretation," he won't just leave her. Oh, fuck off. Dave says that he doesn't want to leave her, but that he also doesn't want to look like a fool. Frankie starts crying and says she knows she's told him things that hurt him, and that she hates that, and that she's sorry if she hurt him, and that she wants to change. Oh, she's totally keeping him on the hook, since the guilt trip didn't work out.

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