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Making Excuses

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Making Excuses

The next morning, Jacquese tells Jamie that Robin needs attention, and that he doesn't like going out with her, because bad situations happen. Jacquese adds that Robin is the source of every big conflict in the house. Jacquese interviews that he's sick of Robin's shit, and that she always makes excuses instead of apologizing. Jamie interviews that Robin lack responsibility. Frankie interviews that everyone feels that Robin just makes excuses.

Frankie asks Robin to sit outside with her. Frankie sits down and says that she wants to discuss this in a calm manner, because they all get defensive when people point out their mistakes. Robin says that she's not trying to make excuses, but that she wants people to know her reasons. Frankie says that everyone is tired of the excuses, and that they just want Robin to take responsibility for her actions. I can't believe Frankie is giving Robin a lecture on owning her mistakes. Frankie says she knows that Robin knows she can't do whatever she wants, but that the other roommates don't see that. In a confessional, Robin says she knows that she needs to work on some things, and find a happy medium between making her roommates happy and making herself happy.

Robin interviews that she's starting to realize that she did something to make her roommates upset. Robin tells Brad that she said things that she didn't mean, especially while drunk. Brad says that Robin makes personal attacks on her roommates. Robin says she knows that she needs to work on that. Brad asks if Robin agrees that she needs to be accountable for her actions. Robin says again that she doesn't mean what she says while she's drunk. Brad says that when she gets physical, he snaps, and when he confronts her, he brings up things that the other roommates are thinking, too. Robin interviews that Brad shoots straight with her, and that she likes that. Of course, he wasn't the one who went and told her that everyone was mad at her. That was Frankie. Brad says that Robin says stupid things when she's drunk, and they both start laughing about it. Robin interviews that she's made amends, and that she's not going to give up on herself or her roommates. Brad confirms that he and Robin don't have a problem. Robin says she didn't want to be the black sheep. Brad says that they're all black sheep, and I don't even know what that means.

Next week: Robin meets a guy who's a Marine. Cameran is naïve about "a faster lifestyle."

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