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Matt Is a Dick, Part I

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Matt Is a Dick, Part I

Ruthie tells her friends that she promised her counsellor she would "be good" this weekend. Her kind, supportive friends say, "Ruthie, if you are seeking counselling for this problem, it must be serious. What do you say we go hang out on the beach and talk, or go grab a bite to eat at a diner." Well, actually they laugh and scoff at Ruthie's counsellor and say, "Yeah, right!"

The rest of the housemates have their meeting outside even though it appears to be quite chilly; Annoying is wearing a hooded sweatshirt with the hood up and pulled tight. WB says that he wanted to have a meeting to figure out how to help Ruthie, but that everyone else was like, "You shape up or you're gone." Tet Girl (wearing a bindi, of course) asks WB how he sees helping Ruthie working out on a daily basis. His reply: "If the six of us can somehow break down her walls, and somehow she recognizes she has a problem, somehow she says, 'You're right. I need help.'". I'm thinking he should just take her out to dinner again. I'm also thinking that's a lot of "somehows" for a workable plan, and that if WB had come up with something a little more concrete instead of living in this fantasy world where Ruthie admits she has a problem, the disaster that happens in Act III could have been prevented. Tet Girl says, "You envision her saying 'I want help'?" How sad is it when she has a better grasp on reality than Wonder Bread?

Ruthie and friends go to a club where Billy Blanks is the bouncer. He threatens to roundhouse kick her ass out because apparently she had caused trouble with him before. The manager of the place pulls her aside and says that she can't go into the club because of her prior behavior, and that this is the second time he's spoken to her. Ruthie obviously doesn't remember what she did that was so bad, and she says to her friends, "I can't believe he did that!" as they walk off in search of another club. One of Ruthie's friends is some sort of Amazon woman.

Back at the meeting, Annoying says they need to let Ruthie know that she is harming herself and that they want her to get help. Teck says he's with WB 100% on helping Ruthie and not pushing her out in the cold, but if Ruthie screws up, she's got to go. Justin says that part of him agrees with Teck (this gets a little smile from Teck) -- that they need the carrot and the stick, and he thinks their help won't make a shred of difference unless they have some force behind it. He goes on: "If we're going to have an ultimatum coupled with assistance, we've got to be clear on the terms." Colin says: "My terms: You put anybody in danger, you put yourself in danger, you put another person in danger, you're gone. That would be the ultimatum." I'm thinking perhaps they should define "danger" a little more clearly. Is throwing a glass putting someone in danger? Is getting kicked out of every club in town a danger? It just seems like it would be too easy for Ruthie to agree to the terms, and then later say that no one was in danger.

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