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Matt Is a Dick, Part I

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Matt Is a Dick, Part I

In a confessional, Justin says that the benefit of approaching her as a group is that she can't wiggle out of it. Back to WB's scary monotone confessional: "Everyone else wanted to have a meeting about how Ruthie's behavior is affecting the house. I wanted to have a meeting about how Ruthie's behavior is affecting Ruthie's life. That misunderstanding makes the meeting turn into an ineffective disaster."

I need to have a mild rant here on how big a dick Matt is. First, could he be any more sanctimonious? Hey, Matt: Colin and Justin walked in their damn underwear with Ruthie. Justin held her up in the shower while she was puking. Don't pretend you're the only one in the house who cares. The rest of them just realize that you can't help people until they admit they need help. By trying to protect her, you're just enabling her bad behavior, and that is not helping. Second, if you were so concerned with the effectiveness of this meeting, you could have stopped it right there and said, "I disagree. I think we need to be together on this, and I'm not with you guys. Can we talk about this more? Maybe we should consult with Ruthie's counsellor." No one was forcing you to go along with the crowd, nor to be a maverick and go behind everyone's back. Dick.

Anyway, apparently there some consensus is reached, and they all disperse. Colin says they should call a Saturday house meeting. WB reveals that he is planning on going it alone, and says, "We cannot spring an ultimatum on Ruthie and I came to the felt understanding that if no one else is going to stop this ship, I will." First, what ship? Second, what the hell is a "felt understanding"? This is the second time this season that he has used that expression and I still don't know what it means. Third, you go dude. Matt,:champion martyr.

Annoying is cutting carrots in the kitchen and she's obviously watched 90210 and Party of Five because she tells WB that interventions are supposed to be a surprise. In a voice-over, WB says, "There's no way that I'm going to let Ruthie be surprised by a 6:00 meeting," and they show him walking outside with Ruthie.

R: A meeting tonight, huh? Do they want to kick me out?
M: They want to give you an ultimatum.
R: What did each roommate say? [i.e. Matt, everyone knows you're a big narc who will spill the beans.]
M: Kaia says she doesn't feel comfortable in the house.
R [in confessional]: When stuff happens, you find out who your true friends are [substitute "enablers" for "true friends" and that sentence might be true], and Kaia went away when I needed her most.

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